Angela’s Dream Story

Dreams usually occur at night when someone is sound asleep.
But when children with meager backgrounds, and little expectation of gaining anything tangible that could foster their hopes and confidence begin to daydream, wishful thinking takes place. They start to fantasize about what if.

Angela is a 5-year-old who is being raised by a single mother in Tarqui. The child’s thoughts were focused on a doll with a bottle. Her dream was to nurture the fantasy doll. To cuddle it. To care for it.

Angela’s mom is a beneficiary of Hearts of Gold, the Ecuadorian Foundation that operates training programs and administrative services for other foundations, and provides services to disadvantaged individuals and families in need in the community. Maria Jose Ramirez, a friend of the staff of Hearts of Gold, learned about the foundation’s program “All Children Deserve to Dream.”

Maria looked over the list of children and their dreams the organization had compiled, and selected Angela’s desired wish request. Angela and her mother were asked to come to the Hearts of Gold office. Angela is familiar with
traveling to Cuenca because every day she studies in the city. When she entered the office, Angela spotted her gift. Her eyes filled with wonder, then tears of joy. She was told that the present was for her being a good girl and excellent student. The first words she said were, “Wow. This is what I

Community Development Director Caridad Sorrano explained to Angela that a fairy godmother had made her dream come true and to always set goals to be able to fulfill future desires.

There are many children in the Cuenca area that dream. They yearn for toys or other small things. The cost is usually insignificant, but the kids cherish these objects and they become a springboard for confidence, possibility and potential.

Doners are needed to participate in the “All Children Deserve to Dream” program. By writing to Our staff will coordinate your contribution with a deserving child.

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City: Cuenca

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