How do I receive text messages from my bank

I have magicJack and a Claro number here in Ecuador. I can’t receive the text messages so I can set up my account. What are others using?

Sharon Burns
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Question about IESS and base salary

Recently someone posted information about the rise in the base salary and the new amount to be paid to IESS. What is the new base salary?


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Looking to replace my glass coffee carafe for my coffee maker

Would anyone know of a store that sells replacement glass coffee carafes for my coffee maker? I like the coffee maker I have because it requires no paper filters, but I broke the glass carafe. Or perhaps you might know of a store that sells coffee makers that don’t require paper filters? Or do you have a used coffee maker that requires no paper filters you would like to sell?

Thank you.

Eve Donald: .

City: Cuenca
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Looking for

Doctor to treat depression

For the past four years I have been taking doctor-prescribed ketamine for treatment resistant depression. I am looking for a local doctor to fill in the gaps when I’m not the US. I have found a local pharmacy that has ketamine and does compounding. I am looking for a doctor to write me a prescription.

I have spoken to a few doctors here. One offered to write a prescription but then backed out at the last moment. Another wanted to change my treatment entirely and start me on benzodiazepines. To be clear: There is no reason to change a treatment that is working.

Ketamine is becoming more popular in the US for treating depression because time to remission is much shorter than legacy anti-depressants. It’s also a very safe drug. It’s almost impossible to find any fatalities in medical literature. Compare that to benzodiazepines and opioids which are readily available here.

There are many clinics in the US charging high fees. Treating depressed patients in Cuenca could become a very lucrative business for a doctor that is looking to build a practice.


City: Cuenca
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Looking for

Looking for a place

Hi, just arrived. Need guidance to find a fully furnished place for approximately a month with utilities included. In the range of $400 to $500. Myself, my wife and sister: very clean, responsible, respectful.

We are seniors. Please call if you can assist us at: 096 418 5734

Thank you,


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Looking for

Looking for a translator/interpreter? Are you struggling with internet?

I am Maria Penafiel, a law student. A little background about myself: I am 24-years old, and I speak fluent English. Along with that, I have also studied German and, as of now, I am studying Italian. I love diversity which is why I love to travel. I have been to Italy, the US, and also have traveled within Ecuador. I’ve been to the Galapagos, the Amazon, Chimborazo, Quito and Banos de Ambato. My beautiful country is full of diversity and I am excited for you to get to experience it. I am already planning my upcoming trip. I am currently working in a local law firm while working on my thesis (Senior project as you might know it), so I’m almost ready to get my law degree.

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Looking for

Physio therapist and masseuse

Looking for one or two experienced person(s) skilled in handling difficult clients.
Daily therapy needed. Seeking advice from qualified masseuse.
Urgently required.

Cathie: 098 036 0806. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Looking for

Looking for a few appliances and furniture

I’m looking for a used washing machine, dryer (gas or electric) refrigerator, queen-size bed and a computer desk, if you have them for sale, please call or email me with your asking price and photos.

Thank you,

Mary B: .

City: Cuenca
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Looking for

Seeking a legitimate lawyer

Hello fellow expats! I hope all your 2022 has been off to an amazing start. I’m looking for a lawyer to commit to get this lawsuit off the ground. I’ll explain what happened.

I was looking for an apartment to rent in Cuenca. I came across a Craigslist ad stating that all utilities included with exclusive wifi for $480/month. Fast forward to the date that I see the apartment with a friend and find out that the ad isn’t completely accurate. That wifi isn’t included. The real estate agent said his cousin lives next door and I can use his service. Once I made it clear that I didn’t want to sign a lease agreement because of the false advertising, he told me I would owe 10% of the rent because of the work he put into everything.

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Looking for

Expat taxes

Help! US citizens – how do you do your taxes? Recommendations?

Nora: 098 287 8719. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Ambato
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Looking for

Need movers to take us from El Guabo to Cuenca

We want to move from El Guabo to Cuenca on 1st Feb (or within a few days after). We have the equivalent of a 4-bedroom house here and are on the 2nd floor. We will be moving to a 2-story house in Cuenca and most of the heaviest things will go on the 1st floor. Just bedrooms on the 2nd floor. We need movers to do it all. Pack and protect the TVs, glasses, plates etc.

Denis Cruickshank: .

City: Cuenca
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Looking for

Ford Escort station wagon

96 Ford Escort station wagon in good running condition. Manual transmission. $3,500 or best offer.

Pictures upon request. WhatsApp or email only please 099 900 4006

Joe Sala: 099 900 4006.

City: Cuenca
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Items for Sale

Books… 5 books $23.

Collection of books in English and French language
Selling due to travel.

Freddy Vergara: .

City: Cuenca

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Items for Sale

LG refrigerator

White, works perfect. 63″x22″x22″. Can send photos through WhatsApp.
$250 or best offer.

Tanya: 095 862 2251.

City: Cuenca
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Items for Sale

Miscellaneous items for sale

– Rarely used, Canon powershot SX530 HS digital camera, full HD and WI-FI, paid $399 for it, now $200
– Apple iPad 3rd generation in excellent condition $120
– Roku premier ultra 4k UHD streaming media player $75
– Brand-new Rowenta pro compact steamer $75
– Ergonomic office chair, adjustable height $45
– Blue ray player, wi-fi, in excellent condition $45

Lauren: .

City: Cuenca
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Items for Sale

Selling silver and gold


John Matthey 10 Troy Ounces .999 Fine Silver Bar – $259.70 – 1 QTY

Engelhard 10 Troy Ounces .999 Fine Silver Bar – $259.70 – 2 QTY

SilverTowne 5 Troy Ounces .999 Fine Silver Bar – $129.35 – 1 QTY

1985 Engelhard American Prospector 1 Troy Ounce Silver Coin – $37.48 – 2 QTY

American Eagles Random Dates Year (2004+) Silver Coin – $32.99 – 21 QTY

Two Silver Necklaces and One Bracelet .999 Silver – Price Unknown – Weight Unknown – QTY 1

Pricing may vary based on the going rate in the US.


1982 South Africa 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand (Sealed) – $325.49 – QTY 1

Caciquez de Venezuela Gold Coin 1957 – Price Unknown – Weight Unknown – QTY 1

Gold Pendant about the size of a 1/10 oz – Price Unknown – Weight Unknown – QTY 1

Small Gold Plated Bracelet – Price Unknown – Weight Unknown – QTY 1

Pricing may vary based on the going rate in the US.

I would like to sell everything in one go. If you are interested, I am currently living in Zamora and can meet you in Loja. It’s roughly 3 hours from Loja.

Nicholas Barringer: .

City: Cuenca
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Items for Sale

Mule $7/lb from Texas to Cuenca

I am headed to Cuenca soon and once again offering to take items or full suitcase. $7/lb. Must receive your items by 1/27 to our home in Texas. Will arrive at our home in Cuenca on Feb 1st.


Ana Jara
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The doctor is in the house (MedCare)

Dr. Ory Torres family medicine and professor of the school of Medicine at University of Cuenca provides home visits and consultation.


Dr Torres
099 098 1669
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Looking for a good time?

Get out of the cold. Let us plan your trip to Yunguilla. Three new hot tubs at the Lodge



Torrin Brauch
+1 239 848 5876
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Business Directory

Spanish and English teacher

Ready to learn or improve your speaking skills? I’m Pamela your next Spanish tutor! I love teaching because I like to interact with people, share about my culture and explore different cultures and thoughts.

– Certified and Experienced.
– Kids & Adults
– More than 20 years’ experience working with kids, teenagers and adults.


099 719 4111
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Back-to-back shipments arriving

We have back-to-back shipments arriving in a few days that contain items you ordered over the Christmas and New Years Holidays.

You can order things and have them shipped to our Miami location for delivery to you in Ecuador. Order as much and as frequently as you want to because shipments arrive weekly. We ship legally and your items arrive in the packages they came in.

Please register on our website, start using USA Valet, and find out how you can create your life in 2022 as a work of art! Plan it out and make your dreams come true.

As a welcome to new customers in the month of January we are giving a free dessert of your choice at Matthew’s Bagel Store located near SuperMaxi Americas. This welcome is for anyone using our service for the first time. (excludes only mail item). Our service is for everyone and the website is in both Spanish and English.

Register on our website now and you can start shopping.

Cuenca, Ecuador

USA Valet
099 931 8080
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IVA refund and bank facilitator

If you are 65 you can apply for the tax refund and I will help you to do all paperwork for this. Also, if you already have an SRI account, I can help you filling months that are pending. In addition, if you need assistance with medical appointments, or you need to solve bank issues I can help. Just send an email to


Monica Crespo

098 280 2955
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Energy related services and solutions

At Sonergis we provide energy related services and solutions.

– Troubleshooting and maintenance for electrical installations.
– Renewable energy systems (wind and solar).
– Energy efficiency and energy saving.
– Electrical and mechanical energy related projects.

Let your problem be our problem.



Cuenca – Ecuador

Christian Merchan
+539 99 719 9714
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Craniosacral Therapy available 27-29 January at idiomArt

Pop up Craniosacral Clinic in Cuenca returns.

Book early, I only have 4 slots in a day, 27-29 January.

Sessions run up to 90 mins, $50.

Please wear loose fitting clothing for your session

If you are suffering from anxiety or overwhelmed in these rather trying times a Craniosacral relaxation is the thing for you… better than a massage (so they say!)

Presidente Cordova 1-77 y Huayna Capac; diagonal from Coral

099 654 5233

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Do you need a Spanish tutor? Look no further

Hi, my name is Sandra, I am a Certified Spanish Teacher. I am offering tutoring services to individuals of different levels of Spanish via Skype.

I am a passionate teacher; I teach through practice and for my lessons I use the eclectic method which is a language teaching technique that combines various approaches and methods depending on the objectives and the abilities of the students. Therefore, I always adapt my lessons to the needs, learning styles and interests of each student. You just need to tell me if you need help in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing or conversation.

I love learning about new cultures and sharing the Ecuadorian culture with others, that is why I have traveled to different countries and have lived and studied in France.
I have experience teaching Spanish to foreigners living in Ecuador and abroad, so I know very well the challenges that come with learning a new language, but don’t let yourself be intimidated, I can help you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information (rates, schedules, etc.) and if you wish we can have a 30-minutes free session via Skype.

PS. If you want to read some testimonials from my students, check the following links:


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End of Life Document

Do you need to have a Will or an End-of-Life Document made here in Ecuador?

I know legal paperwork can be confusing and stressful, and that’s why I know I can help you. I can prepare the documents you need and have the best notary for the legalization.

I’ll always make an English version of everything so you can understand and be sure of what you’re signing.

Making sure you get the best deal is my job and my pleasure.

I’m a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, lease contracts, legal advice, and much more.

I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it. I am also a translator and interpreter who can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.).

I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Juan Montalvo 7-40 y Sucre

Javier Munoz
099 582 0754
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Business Directory

Tanta la Madre Masa

We want to send you a warm greeting from Tanta la Madre Masa, I hope you are well and safe.

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough (900 gr.) price: $4

• Whole wheat sourdough 900 gr. (oatmeal, wheat germ, linseed.) price: $4

• Rye sourdough 900gr. price: $4

•Barley sourdough Bread 900 gr. price: $4

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Kolo specials and available for deliveries

Kolo Breakfast Burrito!!
Filled with sausage, onions, peppers, cheese and potatoes.
Topped with delicious pico de gallo and guacamole.
Coffee, Tea, or Juice. $6
Pork Tenderloin slowly basted in butter, served with a side of creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. Lemonade iced tea or juice for $7.

We want to let you know that because of the hard times, we offer deliveries too.
Hope to see you soon or have something delivered from our menu also.

January 20th from 8 AM to 3 PM, Luis Cordero #5-65 between Honorato Vazquez y Juan Jaramillo

Frank Gonzalez: 099 297 5788
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Butter, fresh blueberries, raw crude honey, other organic products

We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 egg (free-range, organic) $0.30
1 lb fresh blueberries $6
1 lb 100% organic cocoa powder $2.50
1 lb 100% organic cacao $6

1 lb organic raw butter $3

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Raquel steak house

Friday 21st, special white wine and rosé.
Saturday 22nd all you can eat pancakes 10 AM to noon and
All you can drink beer and mojitos for 2 hours – special $20 per person.
Tuesday 25th live jazz, cover charge $3 and warm wine specials
Friday 28th live music and sangria specials

January 21, 22, 25 and 28, Escalinatas Juana de Oro y Paseo 3 de Noviembre. Cuenca

Isabel Urgiles: 99 835 1530
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A friendly reminder from Don Colon

We have twin lobster tail complete dinners including potatoes and veggies with a complimentary glass of wine for only $16.95 (reservations only).

Also, every day breakfast from the regular menu and a special Huevos Rancheros or Don Colon’s famous omelet that includes a free Mimosa, only $4. Come and join us.

Every day, $16.95, Sucre y Beningno Malo, Cuenca.

Don Colon: 099 827 0703
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Voting time amigos, Common Grounds appreciates your vote

Voting time amigos! GringoPost’s the Best of 2022 is open now We humbly ask for your support in the areas and categories that we are involved. Cristian and Common Grounds family really appreciate your patronage: Best place, food, hamburgers, sports bar, best cócteles, happy hour, best service, restaurant, bartenders, etc. best = Common Grounds

January 20 from noon to 10 PM, $$, Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia, Cuenca.

Cristian: 098 107 9406
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Corn on the cob, churros and Mexican tamales

This weekend La Guarida continues its exploration of Mexican Food. We’ll be making incredible Mexican tamales (nothing like the Ecuadorian tamal) and you don’t want to miss it. We’ll also be paying tribute to elote (corn on the cob) with lots of toppings and spices. We’ll continue to have our awesome margaritas and micheladas and the sweet and awesomely delicious churros.

Remember that we have two separate floors – perfect for social distancing. Don’t be afraid and come with your friends, family and loved ones.

Amazing weekend (Friday and Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM). Our prices will vary depending on the tamal but nothing more than $5 or much less. An inexpensive and mouth-watering outing.

We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta. Tel. 099 806 8071.

January 21st, from 5 to 9 PM, $5, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071
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Delicious fresh lamb meat

Lamb shoulder and shank (front leg) $20

Lamb leg (hind leg) $25

Sirloin $8.50 per lb (usually about 1.5 lbs)

Lamb chops $8.50 per lb

Loin chops $8.50 per lb

Stew meat $5 per lb

Burger meat $6 per lb

Standing rib roast $7.50 per lb

8 AM – 5 PM, Cuenca Ecuador

Alex Duran: 099 378 4886

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Brand-new unfurnished, 2 BR – 2 bath apartment with large terrace, great view

Location: Close to Downtown. Nearby you will find: “Carbonazo” restaurants, groceries, pharmacies, Central hospital, local “Mercado” with organic food. And in front of the apartment there is a nice park. In other words, great centralized location.

Description: This is a brand-new small condo building with only 4 apartments. The unit has outstanding view terrace overlooking the east side of the city. Feel the quietness and peacefulness of a brand new and modern apartment, with US finishing construction.

Rent: $480
Utilities are not included.

More photos? More info? Googlemap Location? Please request by email.

Can’t find the right place for you here? Then please write us with the word Finder’s fee and we will work for you and will find what you need.

Unfurnished. Negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Juan de Velasco Street, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1639624172

I am a real estate agent, Janne: 098 400 1020

Furnished home for rent in Yunguilla

Fully furnished home for rent in Yunguilla, where you can enjoy beautiful weather, only 60 minutes away from Cuenca with perfect altitude.

3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, laundry area with washer and dryer.

The rent includes all utilities and also DirecTV and internet.

The house is located on a good road, only 6 minutes away from the highway.

Furnished, $640, negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: Yunguilla, Santa Isabel, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642611930

I am a real estate agent, Maribel Crespo: 098 484 7855

For sale: popular Cuenca coffee business, Coffeeworks

This popular Cuenca coffee business, Coffeeworks. stayed profitable even during COVID, and offers an investor or entrepreneur the perfect small business with immediate income capabilities.

Located in the high-traffic area of Supermaxi Las Americas — one of Cuenca’s largest food chains, in a small mall that also features SuKasa, Cuenca’s upscale home decor store — this adorable coffee kiosk sits right at the entrance of the mall, with outdoor seating and a drive-through window for quick access to a cup of some of the best coffee in town.

The kiosk offers delicious coffee beverages, made with organic coffee brought directly from local farmers. The menu also includes fruit smoothies and other coffee-free beverages. And, it is one of the only coffee shops in Cuenca that provides early morning service (7 AM) and the appeal of curbside delivery and coffee to go.

The coffee Baristas at Coffeeworks are well trained and provide amazing customer service. They will be happy to stay on to run the business or to train new staff should the new owner desire.

Modeled after top coffee kiosks in the United States, the current owners intended to expand throughout Cuenca, and eventually throughout Ecuador, but an unexpected turn of events is taking them back to the US.

The Coffeeworks name and logo are trademarked, registered, and protected in Ecuador and all legal papers will be handed over to the new owner. Cups with the printed Coffeeworks label provide walking publicity and extra cups will be included in the sale. Additionally, the owner will inherit all of the coffee equipment including Gaggia espresso machine, Asotria coffee grinder, ice maker, commercial Panin grill and press, milk frother, microwave, JTC Omniblend commercial blender, refrigerator, outdoor tables and chairs, and an off-premises deep freeze among other day-to-day items.

A monthly rental fee for operating Coffeeworks is paid to Supermaxi and costs $380 a month plus IVA and includes 24-hour security and utilities. Additional expenses are available upon request.

The listing price for this popular Cuenca Coffee Business is $35,000, negotiable.

Address: Las Americas, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642622938

I am a real estate agent, Ecuador At Your Service: 099 547 5116

2 picturesque rental units on Yunguilla finca with 2 acres of land

This is an incredible opportunity to live in the country, on a beautiful Yunguilla farm, for very little rent.

Currently two loft units are available, sitting on 8,940.59 sq. meters (more than 2 acres) of pristine land, with avocado, mandarins, bananas, coffee, lemons, limes, figs, grapevines, and oranges as well as an array of beautiful flowering gardens. There is ample space to also create a large vegetable garden.

The rental units are situated in a private yet safe and friendly country area near La Asunciòn, with neighbors from the US, Denmark, and France. An outdoor kitchen and barbeque area with a gas stove, a teahouse, parking, a studio/garage, and a hammock area are all part of the property.

These beautiful casitas are turnkey ready. This is a great place to stay if you want to get out of the crowded, noisy city and relax in an idyllic country setting, surrounded by nature. Perfect for students, digital nomads, and full-time couples looking for a country retreat. The new owner of the finca will also be living on the property, but you can have as much or as little interaction as you care to.

El Estudio $300 a month plus $20 for utilities:
Aprox 30 m2.
Bathroom, kitchen with 5 burners and electric oven. Queen-size bed.
Dining table and bar table.
Loft aprox 14m2 with queen-size mattress and space for a small office and wardrobe.
Fiber Optics internet, gas heated water, gas heater.

Winter-cottage: $200 a month plus $15 for utilities:
Aprox. 20 m2.
Double bed. Sofa. Bathroom. Shared kitchen and terrace deck. Small drawer and space to hang clothes. TV/monitor.
Loft – double mattress and nightstand.
Fiber optics Internet, gas heated water, and gas heater

For more information contact Carolena Sommers at 099 140 4327

Furnished, $200, not negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: La Asunciòn, Yunguilla

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642626676

I am the owner, Carolena Sommers: 099 140 4327

Opportunity: 2 wonderful houses for the price of one in front of River

These Wonderful houses are perfect for you If you love to see the river from your window.

Surrounded by nature

Only 5 blocks from Mall del Río

You will love to live there

IT has 2300 sq/ft

Beautiful rustic style with stone and wood in the floor.

First house:

4 bedrooms
3 baths
Adorable living room
Nice dining room
TV room

Second house:

2 bedrooms
2 baths
Nice living room
Small dining room
Laundry room
Parking space

Excellent neighborhood
Very quiet
Very safe

Close to shopping places (Mall del Río, Parque Guzho, restaurants, market places, bakery, pharmacy, hospitals)

If you are looking for houses, apartments, or penthouses. You can check my Facebook: Carla Encarnación Gonzaga or my website

For more information write me in WhatsApp 093 905 5399 and send me your requirements.

Unfurnished, $229,000, negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: Vista Linda – Near Mall del Rio, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1638742583

I am a real estate agent, Carla Encarnacion Gonzaga: 093 905 5399

Little house, two bedrooms behind Elerbe Building

Near stadium; three blocks walk. On Luis Moreno Mora St 471 between Roberto Crespo St and Cornelio Merchan St. I’m the owner and I speak English. Please contact me just by phone and leave me your phone number if I don’t answer, or, write to my email.

Very cozy shine semi-furnished and is behind the building Elerbe, so from the street you can’t see the little house. Has a small patio, two bedrooms, two complete bathrooms with shower with one bed in each room, also kitchen with refrigerator and 4 fireplaces and oven, living room with two sofas and dining room with 4 chairs, all in one view room.

The price includes light, water, non-shared internet and gas. Also, in the entrance of the building, it has a Videocamara electric fence.

The minimum lease is for a year. The interested person or people have to be clean, tidy, punctual on payments, no drugs, smoking is ok out of the house, no drunks or any alcohol more than to keep sober, no big meetings. A little pet is ok; must be well behaved. If you need something else, furniture, let me know – for few dollars more. No aliquot or raising rent agreement even if you need more years.

Semi furnished, $450, not negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Luis Moreno Mora 471 and Cornelio Merchan St, Cuenca

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642532298

I am the owner, Elenita: 099 531 4828

Beautiful fully furnished home next to the river

Large and beautiful home for rent, fully furnished.
It has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, maid’s quarter, TV area, BBQ area, garden.

It is located just steps away from the Tomebamba River, close to Supermaxi Americas, the Tram stop.

Fully furnished

Furnished, $1,300, not negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: Ordoñez Lasso, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642535649

I am a real estate agent, Maribel Crespo: 098 484 7855

For rent, fully furnished house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Fully furnished house for rent in downtown area of Cuenca. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a terrace with a nice view. Small and well-trained pets are OK.

We are looking for long-term rentals. That’s the reason we are asking a fair price of $350.

The house is located between Calle Larga and the Calderon Park so it is surrounded by A lot of restaurants, and you can take buses anywhere from there.

5 minute walk to Arte Gym. 10 minute walk to Mercado 10 de Agosto y Mercado 9 de Octubre. 5 minute walk to Rio Tomebamba. 5 minute walk to the English Carolina Bookstore. 3 minute walk to Cafe Nucullacta, best in Cuenca. Across from Panaderia Internacional.

Furnished, $350, not negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Juan Jaramillo y Mariano Cueva right in the corner, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642526630

I am the owner, Andres: 097 936 2237

Spectacular penthouse with large terrace for sale

This is probably one of the best penthouses available in town.

Located on the west side of Cuenca, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

Modern kitchen, Huge covered terrace

Views all around.

Small building with elevator.

Unfurnished, $390,000, negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: Puertas del Sol, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642536203

I am a real estate agent, Maribel Crespo: 098 484 7855

One bedroom apartment, for rent

Apartment located in colonial downtown. One bedroom, one full bathroom, built-in closets, lobby with sofa bed. Living/dining room, full kitchen, laundry area with washing machine.

Located at Simón Bolívar and Tarqui, within walking distance of all types of shops, services, central park, tram and the river.

Furnished, $340, not negotiable. Rent includes water and building fee. Pets are not allowed.

Address: Simón Bolivar 12-30 entre Tarqui y Juan Montalvo, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1642391662

I am the owner, Juana Andrade: 099 600 1010