Best of GringoPost 2022 Winners!

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Best Of GringoPost 2022

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It’s been a challenging year for Cuenca and Ecuador. Thankfully, the adventurous spirit characteristic of expats shines through. To say we’ve met unforeseen challenges this year is quite an understatement. But, met them we have. Not without loss, not without adjustments but, here we are. That makes us all…WINNERS.

We’ve reached for the stars — everything from the best view point to the best restaurants, historical sites and artists — and gotten them together for a compendium of why we love living in the shadow of the Andes, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

As on every Valentine’s Day, the votes have been counted and turned into a compendium of our Best of GringoPost, 2022, full of dozens of awards celebrating the very best our area has to offer.

GringoPost’s Best of is a celebration of success. It is a display of a collective appreciation of excellence. The voices of what has become frequently referred to as “The GringoPost Community” have now been heard.

This year, more categories than usual did not receive sufficient votes to choose clear winners. We will include these categories in future Polls so that as life returns to normal, members of the community will have the opportunity to share their appreciation for those that were not able to display their usual excellence this past year.

Now seems to be a good time to think about how we’d like our world to look in the months to come. Hopefully, we are thinking about how our lives will improve as the virus fades.

It’s a privilege to live among the Best of 2022 and then see who’s next…

Best Chef

Giovanni Cambizaca, Le Petit Jardin +593 96 819 1518

Best Mexican

El Pedregal Azteca, Estévez de Toral 8-60, 07 282 3652

Best Asian

Lamian Chinese, Florencia Astudillo 098 636 3066

Best Butcher

King Smokehouse. Coronel Talbot across from Parque San Sebas.

Best Handyman

Emilio Morocho: Whatsapp 098 699 5694

Best Doctor

Dr. Anthony Guillen, Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca +593 99 539 8105

Best Dentist

Dra. Grace Ordonez, edificio Work Center consultorio 210. Av Paucarbamba

Best Charity

Hogar de Esperanza 099 094 7611