Best Consignment/Resale Shop

Cuenca Consignments Address: Isabela 4-75 y 12 de AbrilPhone: Laurie 096-798-2182, Suzanne 099-546-8580, Brenda 098-459-3005Email: Hours: Monday 11 to 5, Thursday 11 to

Best Attorney

Dra. Andrea Jaramillo Edificio Acuario, 4th FloorAv. Cornello Merchan 2-55 y Jose Peralta, Cuenca, Ecuadorandreajaramil64@hotmail.comOffice 074103767Cell 0987166092MagicJack 914-401-1809

Best Appliance Store

Almacén Almacenes Chordeleg Av. Unidad Nacional – Promociones, teléfono y horario072885690 Av Héroes de Verdeloma y Luis Cordero Esq07-28258400992310109

Best Bookstore

Carolina Bookstore Hermano Miguel 4-46 y Calle Larga 779 4057

Best Bed and Breakfast

Casa Ordoñez Located in the heart of Cuenca, providing a quiet and comfortable home-style sojourn in the animated city center. The house has been with

Best Doctor

Dr. Anthony Guillén Remigo Crespo y Ave de las Americas, on the floor above the Farmacia Economica office number (above the pharmacy)

Best Dentist

Dra. Grace Ordoñez Address: Miguel Cordero and PaucarbambaPhone: (07) 409-1958Email: graceord13@hotmail.comFacebook: Grace OrdoñezWebsite:

Best Dog Trainer

Alex Flores, Club Canino Cuenca Las Margaritas y Los Cedros099 069

Best Florist

Persa Flowers Ave Remigio Crespo Toral, Cuenca, Ecuador

Best Grocery Store

Supermaxi Las Americas Av. de las Américas, Calle del Tejar s/n, Cuenca, Ecuador072837711 – 072838071 – 072836796 Supermaxi El VergelAlfonso Cordero Palacios s/n Esq.074103574 – 074103580

Best Furniture Store

La Yunta Address: Ppanamericana Sur km 7Phone: 0989456551Email: We open every day from 08:00 am to 19:00

Best Hairdresser

Lee’s Hair Salon Fray Vicente Solano 8-51, Cuenca 96 892 1026

Best Handyman

Marcelo Segarra Phone 098 444 0837Email Maintenance service, installation and repair of washing machines, dryers and all water heating and water installations, as well

Best Gym

Func Fit, La Fragata Alfonso Moreno Mora y Vicente Solano, Edificio Fragata #002 99 474 4879

Best Hotel in Cuenca

Mansion Al Cazar Simón Bolívar, Cuenca, Ecuadorinfo@mansionalcazar.comPhone +593 7-282-3918

Best Health Care Facility

Hospital Universitario del Río Av., Avenida de Las Americas, Cuenca, Ecuador 7-245-9555

Best Hotel in Guayaquil

Hotel Palace Chile, Guayaquil 090110, Ecuador+593 4-232-1080

Best Kitchen Supply Store

Sukasa Cuenca Centro Comercial Plaza de las Américas. Local 39Av. De las Américas y Calle TejarTeléfonos: (+593) (07) 407-4913 / 407-4914 / 407-4915Servicio técnico: (ext.)

Best Tour Company

Polylepis Tours Address: Hermano Miguel 4-35 y Calle LArgaPhone: 07 2 830 248Email: polylepistours@outlook.comFacebook:

Best Massage Therapist

Cameron Kayce Office in Condominio Amazonas, Los Pinos y Ordonez LassoEmail cameronkayce@gmail.comPhone 099-987-4417

Best Martial Arts Studio

Manuel Dutan Av. Padre Julio Matovelle 7 – 55 y Av. Ricardo Munoz. 3rd 099 080 7669

Best Liquor store

LA TABERNA – Av del Estadio y Florencia Astudillo.07 288 3903 – Av. Gran Colombia 22-270 y Unidad Nacional.07 284 4125 – Manuel J. Calle

Best Mental Health Therapist

Dr. Kelly Bennett Address: 3A Primero de Mayo y Fernando de AragonPhone: 096 824 1884Email: braindynamics2@gmail.comFacebook: BrainDynamicsCuenca.comFree demonstration offered.See Amazon for THE ASCENSION PERSPECTIVE, and TOO MUCH,

Best Source of Health & Nutrition News

Susan Burke March Address: Padre Aguirre 8-15 y Mariscal SucrePhone: 0997129013Email: susanthedietitian@gmail.comFacebook: Susan Burke MarchWebsite: Thank you very much for continuing to publish my informational posts,

Best Art Gallery

Miguel Illescas Cabrera  Calle Larga 1-209 y Miguel Angel Estrella—about.html+593 7-284-6768

Best Fishing Guide

James Drummondohttp://www.flyfishingecuador.comfintasticadventures.ecuador@gmail.com099 564 7799

Best Hiking Guide

James Drummondohttp://www.flyfishingecuador.comfintasticadventures.ecuador@gmail.com099 564 7799

Best Museum

Pumapungo Banco Central    Best Music venue   Pumapungo TheaterCuenca – Ecuador

Best Chef

Giovanni at Le Petit Jardin Address: Sauyusi, San Miguel de PutushiPhone: 096-819-1518Email: lepetitjardinecuador@outlook.comFacebook:Website: Open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 9:00 p.m.

Best Local Hero

Dr. Pablo Salamea Molina Address: Av 24 de mayo y Av de las AmericasPhone: 0958828579Email: psalameam@gmail.comFacebook: /drpablosalameaWebsite: Hospital Universitario del Rio

Best Place of Worship

International Christian Community Nicanor Aguilar & Solano Avenuehttp://internationalchristiancommunity.org

Best Radio Station

Gary Michaels Tune into the Fusion Pocket most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon until 3 Cuenca time. Groove and sway to all the boss

Best Disc Jockey

Gary Michaels Tune into the Fusion Pocket most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon until 3 Cuenca time. Groove and sway to all the boss

Best American Food

Sunrise Café Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo 7-284-0423

Best Asian

Thai Connection Owner: Ronal Bustamante Honorato Vasquez Between Presidente Borreo and Hermano Miguel Email: kill-all-hackers@hotmail.comPhone: 0987046607 

Best Barbecue

Carolina Smokehouse Coronel Talbot 8-26 (Parque San Sebestian)+593 97 907 0470

Best Bakery

Oporto Coffee & Bake Edificio River Ordonez LazoJose Peralta 3-48 y Av del Estadio 555 3252

Best Breakfast

Sunrise Café Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo 7-284-0423

Best Bagels

Cuenca Bagels, Rich Westcott Address Presidente Cordova 9-80 y Padre Aguirre

Best Cocktails

Common Grounds Address Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Colombia +593 7-284-9162

Best Coffeehouse

Cafe de Nucallacta Address Hermano Miguel 5-62, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone +593 98 619 0490

Best Cooking Classes

La Yunta Address 3051 E Causeway Approach, Mandeville, LA 70448 7-248-5224

Best Dessert

Tutto Freddo Address Benigno Malo

Best Deli

Ital Deli Alfonso Moreno MoraTell (07) 281 1007

Best Craft Beers

The Pub Miguel Cordero Davila 1-104 y Francisco Moscoso 332 7839