About the Best Of GringoPost

GringoPost’s “Best of” is a reader poll designed to let subscribers share all the wonderful things they like about living here, from their favorite snack join

t and lunch place, to the best festivals and historical spots to visit. It looks at the community we love. Dozens of awards are given in the categories of: LIFE, PLACES & FACES, WINE & DINE, and BUSINESSES.

Best of GringoPost features the best of the best in Cuenca and all of Ecuador, selected by you – our subscribers – and then shared with the rest of our community.
Best of GringoPost kicks off each year around the middle of Januar

y and involves a two-week voting period to determine the “Best of GringoPost” in each category. On Valentine’s Day winners are announced.

The winners are announced online at http://www.gringopost.com. The winners will receive Best of GringoPost awards to display and be given p

ermission to use the Best of GringoPost logo on all marketing material. Local businesses and individuals are encouraged to promote themselves for Best of GringoPost with logo cards, flyers, posters, banner ads and logos.

Any questions regarding Best of GringoPost should be submitted via email. Please contact us here or at: info@GringoPost.com