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Best Bartender

Cari at Common Grounds Address: Eduardo Crespo Malo and Gran Colombia, Cuenca Email:

Best Neighborhood

Los Platos El Centro, near Todo Santos. It is a fantastic location, with close proximity to Parque de la Madre, Parque Calderon, and numerous restaurants with a diverse offering of international cuisine. In fact, within a 1 block radius, we have Columbian, Peruvian, Cuban, Italian, Spanish, and traditional Ecuadorian eateries, we have even heard the neighborhood referred to as the “Los Platos” neighborhood because of the great food diversity. Susan March

Best Attorney

Dra. Andrea Jaramillo Address: Cornelio Merchán y José Peralta # 502 – Edificio AcuarioTell: (07) 410-3918Email:

Best Dentist

Dra. Grace Ordoñez Address: Miguel Cordero and PaucarbambaPhone: (07) 409-1958Email: graceord13@hotmail.comFacebook: Grace OrdoñezWebsite:

Best Eye Doctor

René Cabrera Guambaña Address: Florencia Astudillo 3-45 y Av. Solano (Soi Opticas)Phone: 2815912 EXT. 14Email: reneypatyca@hotmail.comWebsite: Thank you very much for selecting me as the best eye doctor three years in a row, my only desire is to serve in best knowledge to each one of my patients and treat them as if they were my close family René Cabrera

Best Furniture Store

La Yunta Address: Panamericana Sur Km7. Via Cuenca-Tarqui-LojaPhone: 0989456551Email: Layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.comFacebook: La Yunta Open every day from 8:00 to 19:00

Best Grocery Store

Supermaxi Las Americas Av. de las Américas, Calle del Tejar s/n, Cuenca, Ecuador072837711 – 072838071 – 072836796 Supermaxi El VergelAlfonso Cordero Palacios s/n Esq.074103574 – 074103580 – 074103576 Supermaxi Miraflores   Av. Elia Liut, Avenue Gil Ramírez Dávalos s/n072807952 – 072864314 – 072861811 Supermaxi Don Bosco  y, Av Don Bosco & Miguel de Cervantes07 4079 308 – 07 4079 309

Best Doctor

Dr. Anthony Guillen Address: Av. Remigio Crespo y Av. Las Americas, Cuenca, corner building, 2nd floor above pharmacy “Las Economicas Phone: 099 539 8105Email:

Best Dog Trainer

Alex Flores, Club Canino Address: Challuabamba or Arrayan y americas – Clinica la Mia MascotaPhone: 099 069 4342Facebook: Club Canino Cuenca Address:

Best Handyman

Marco Suquisupa Address: Retorno y Julio VinuezaPhone: 099 777 6830Email:

Best Hairdresser

Lee’s Hair Salon Address: Av. Fray Vincente Solano 8-51 next to Tutto MattoContact information:  096 892 1026Email:

Best Kitchen Supply Store

Sukasa Cuenca Centro Comercial Plaza de las Américas. Local 39Av. De las Américas y Calle TejarTeléfonos: (+593) (07) 407-4913 / 407-4914 / 407-4915Servicio técnico: (ext.) 522Fax:(+593) (07) 407-4911E-mail: skcuenca@sukasa.comCuenca – Ecuador Sukasa Scala Centro Comercial Scala ShoppingVía Interocéanica km 12 ½ Vía CumbayáTeléfonos:(+593) (02) 355-1386 / 355-0467Servicio técnico: (ext.) 716E-mail: skscala@sukasa.comQuito – Ecuador Sukasa El Jardín Centro Comercial Mall El Jardín. Local 128/226/312Av. República y AmazonasTeléfonos: (+593) (02) 2980032 / 2980034 / 2980036 y 2980038Servicio

Best Mover (Local)

Vicente Villafuerte Phone: 098 930 5911 – 098 537 0929Email:

Best Hotel

Mansion Alcazar Address: Calle Bolívar 12-55 Y TarquiPhone: 7 282 3918 / 282 3889 /283 7107   FAX: +593 7 2823-554   E-MAIL:

Best Liquor Store

LA TABERNA – Av del Estadio y Florencia Astudillo.07 288 3903 – Av. Gran Colombia 22-270 y Unidad Nacional.07 284 4125 – Manuel J. Calle 1-139 y Av. del Estadio.07 288 6718 – Av. Remigio Crespo y Miguel Díaz Esq.07 281 8267

Best Plastic surgeon

Dr. Moses Valdivieso Jose Tamariz Address: Daniel Córdova Toral 2-78 (front of hospital Santa ones)Telephone: (07) 2842661  Celular: (593) 099 906 6000E-mail: dr.josevaldivieso@hotmail.comWebsite:

Best Personal Trainer

Sky Rajewski Address: SkyFit Integrated Fitness & Health Center, Sucre 7 – 70 y Luis CorderoPhone: 099 866 0379Email: skyfit@gmail.comWebsite: SkyFit Integrated Fitness & Health Center in Centro offers;Professional Personal Training, Pilates Classes, Fitness over 50 Classes, Yoga, Tai Chi, Active Injury Rehabilitation, Stretch Therapy, Fitness Testing/Assessment, Posture & Back Health, Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Nutritionist. In addition we offer tailored made hiking and trekking.

Best Photographer

Al Bourassa Phone: 098 195 3658Email: aljbourassa@gmail.comWebsite:  –

Best Spanish School

Coffee Club Spanish Address: Casa Asvoria (Plaza Otorongo)Phone: 072840220 / 0998062331Email: info@coffeeclubspanish.comFacebook: We use a method called Comprehensible Input. With this program, the emphasis is on assimilating Spanish in the right side of the brain, where we produce speech, instead of focusing on simply understanding the language with the left side of the brain, which is the more analytical side of the brain. The theory behind the method is that foreign language learners

Best Facilitator

Mónica Gonzaga Address: Gran Colombia 15-71Phone: 0983841691 moví 0959877619 Email: Facebook: Facilitator Monica Gonzaga

Best Art Gallery

Galeria Versailles Address: Hermano Miguel 7-16 y Presidente CordovaPhone: 0980857884Email: galeriaversailles@gmail.comFacebook: Galeria Versailles specializes in vintage posters (Art nouveau, travel posters, old movies, old commercials…) and antique prints (engravings and maps about Ecuador and South America)

Best Charity Event

Hearts of Gold Foundation Address: Calle Canton Gualaceo y Calle Canton BibilianPhone: 074056197Email: info@heartsofgoldfoundation.orgFacebook: This contact information is valid for the other two awards as well: best volunteer experience & best charity event 🙂

Best Hiking Guide

James Drummondo Phone: 099 564 7799Email:

Best Local Artist

Miguel Illescas Cabrera Address: Calle Larga 1-209 y Miguel Angel Estrella (Una Cuadra Antes Del Banco Central).Email: Phone:  099 540 7853 or 099 617 2660

Best Music Venue

Jazz Society Café Address: 5-101 Luis Cordero y Juan Jarmillo. (upstairs of La Ristorante Pizzeria Italiana La Viña)

Best Swimming Pool

Hosteria Duran, Banos Av. Ricardo Durán, Cuenca 010150, Ecuador Phone: +593 7 289 2485

Best Public Event

Cuenca Symphony Address: Calle Larga S/N y Avenida Huayna Cápac Phone: 07 280 7192

Best Almuerza

Don Colon Address: Next to the New Cathedral at Mariscal Sucre and Benigno Malo. Phone:  099 827 0703.

Best American Food

Café San Sebas Address: 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre Plaza de, San Sebastian, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone: +593 7-284-3496

Best Asian

Noe Address: Padre Julio Mottovelle 2-25 y Federico Proano, Cuenca, Ecuador

Best Bakery

Maria’s Alemania Calle Hermano Miguel 8 – 13 at Borrero    Phone: 283 4684 – 09 296 3712 

Best Breakfast

Café San Sebas Address: 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre Plaza de, San Sebastian, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone: +593 7-284-3496

Best Candy Store

Godika Address: Gran Colombia 12-57 y Tarqul, Cuenca, AzuayPhone:  07 284 4320

Best Deli

Ital Deli Address: Alfonso Moreno Mora, Cuenca, Ecuador

Best Coffeehouse

Café Nucallacta Address: Hermano Miguel 562, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone: +593 98 619 0490

Best Cocktails

Anubis Address: Doce de Octobre y Gonzalo Pizarro, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone: 093 979 9754

Best Cooking Classes

La Warmi Address: Calle Hermano Miguel, entre Honorato Vázquez y Juan Jaramillo Phone: 099 884 0979 / 282 3106Facebook: como La Warmi

Best Dessert

Popacuchu Address: Avenida de Las Americas, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone:+593 98 927 2495

Best Fine Dning

Tiesto’s Address: Juan Jaramillo 4-89 y Mariano Cueva, Juan Jaramillo 4-89, Cuenca, EcuadorPhone:+593 7-283-5310

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