Mega recovery program

These specially formulated IVs help you overcome any lingering symptoms from Covid -19 or other illnesses and enhance your energy and replenish stores of vital nutrients.

They contain the highest quality ingredients to help your body repair and recover.

• Refueling depleted vitamins and minerals
• Releasing stagnant toxins
• Boosting energy levels
• Strengthening your immune system
• Shortening the span of illnesses

1_revitalizing: a powerful combination of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids is aimed to restore what has been depleted, remove stagnant toxins and help you feel better.


• Vitamin C
• B-Complex
• Magnesium
• Glutathione
• Tri-Aminos

2_Powerful antioxidants: Boost your immune system, release and eliminate stagnant toxins from your body and speed up repair.

• Vitamin C
• Alpha lipoic acid
• Glutathione
• Coenzyme Q10.
• Procaine

Cost of IV $85 + $5 transportation fee.

Canton Gualaceo y Pasaje Gualaceo

Elsa Rojas
098 177 4961