The Best car rental in Ecuador? Cuenca Car Share

As my regular clients know, Cuenca Car Share is here for you. We have late model, privately owned vehicles which we rent to you in tip top condition, exceptionally cleaned, and mechanically fit. If there is a problem (we always hope there won’t be, but from time-to-time unexpected mechanical issues pop up with any vehicle), we make it right as quickly as possible.

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Remember Cuenca Car Share not only brings you the best autos, but also the best English language entertainment options with our Saturday Fun at the Movies. You can also vote for Best Entertainment or set up a new option of Best English Movies. Often the proceeds from our movies are shared with Cuenca English Lions Club for their projects.

Thank you.

Calle Cantón Saraguro Y Manuel Cisneros

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694
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