Much love and gratitude to you all: Cherie Rose passed away

Cherie Rose just fought the battle of her life in trench warfare, immersed in her campaign against severe osteoporosis.

She had a wonderful life here in Cuenca! Over time, she grew to love and respect Ecuadorian people, as they represented “tranquilo,” a concept, idea that Cherie cherished. She had become enamored of her dear Cuencana friend, assistant, Susana who taught her many cultural tricks of the trade here. In addition, Cherie appreciated the multiple opportunities she had to mingle with so many adventurous expats, which consistently stimulated her own highly free-swinging spirit.

In her seventies, Cherie opened a quaint little restaurant here in Cuenca and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends there.

Back in the day, she engaged in a very significant role raising her three young siblings and, of course, we all viewed her as a loving mother figure.

At seven, Cherie regularly sang Peggy Lee tunes entertaining a charmed audience at one of the neighborhood piano bars, and it was no surprise that she was particularly admired by her charismatic, fiery parents, Al and Dusty.

Throughout the ups and downs of her life, she had developed a remarkable capacity to endure one serious challenge after another until the very end, a character trait that had impressed many!

Hang tough big sis and keep fighting … 😀

With love and admiration,

Robin, Chris, Matt and your beloved animals

City: Cuenca

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