New workshops at Alli Maki crear y ralajar!

Have a great time at ALLI MAKI crear y relajar!

If you want to create a nice and unique gift, try a course at the new club for handmade crafts Alli Maki, crear y relajar!

Amazing workshops are offered with affordable prices like:

-sewing a card or a patchwork with hexagons,
-build a lamp or a frame for photos,
-learn how to crochet or crochet an Amigurumi,
-embroider a card for every occasion,
and much more from Thursday to Sunday!

If you have any idea or suggestion, you are welcome to contact me on WhatsApp. I will make a special course for you with 2 other friends, on any other day and time you wish. Please let me know.

Also check the pictures, program and prices (included material) here:

Everyone gets a table and material, also receives a mask. I limit the group size to a maximum of 6 people so that everyone gets a good distance and enough space to work. The rooms are spacious and flooded with light with lots of windows, making everyone feel comfortable.

Many thanks for visiting my website and my club in Baños. The bus 100 stops directly at the building, one station after Hostería Durán. (One way road) Also you can use the bus 12!

Calle de 24 de Diciembre y Calle la Merced, Baños, Cuenca.


097 887 8876
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