Recommendation for Capitan Seafood Restaurant

When I learned that Capitan Seafood delivers, I ordered grilled corvina and fries for lunch two weeks in a row. Both meals arrived on time accompanied by steamed vegetables and French fries and were delicious.

Capitan is serving delicious corvina and shrimp entrees for home delivery and taking all security measures. Available noon to 6 PM. Free delivery in el Centro. Other areas of the city, extra $2.

Orders at or cell. 099 688 9993.
Like us at Capitan and Co. on Facebook.

Daily noon to 6 PM, Tomas Ordonez #676 and Pres. Cordova

Address: Tomas Ordonez #6-76 y Pres Cordova Cuenca

Contact information:  099 688 9993

Recommended by Regina Potenza:

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