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Postal Service of Ecuador, is back

Hi all,

This is good news, the Postal Service of Ecuador is back… little by little, but is working. So, in order to use the Postal Service of Ecuador, some conditions:
This is the new web page

Then, you have to create an account into the system

In order to receive letters, small packages or so, you have to have a tracking number from the original country, and do a registration of the package coming to Ecuador, then make a payment to the Ecuadorian Postal Service (on line) and then wait until your package arrives… Better in this case, use the certified service from any country to Ecuador, because the certified postal service from the country the delivery is coming from and you can have a tracking number that will help with the process into Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian Postal Service is using Servientrega to deliver to the whole Ecuador, and an extra fee will have to be paid, and for now, they have few offices in Ecuador, if you prefer to pick up the package there: Offices

Also, there is a FAQ page with some questions about this re-launch of the Ecuadorian Postal service.

Now, from my personal experience, two weeks ago, I received a WhatsApp message from the postal service, letting me know that a package with tracking number XXXXXXX arrived under my name and asking me to do all the above described steps. So, I paid the $3.49 to the postal service, then an extra $3.50 to Servientrega, into the same web page, and after a week, the package arrived at my home here in Loja. Excellent service.

The package I received was a magazine from the USA that a friend sent me, and got lost after the Ecuador´s post office went bankrupt and closed, so my magazine was not lost, it was in some storage facility and now arrived.

If you have any questions, let me know,,

Ulises Acosta: .

City: Cuenca

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