2022 projects ready to go? Emilio of all Trades, handyman

2022 is now open for business and so are we. Franklin and I and our select group of qualified, certified technicians are available to assist you with all of your home projects, repair and building needs. We invite you to contact us for all your 2022 handyman and other needs.

Here is a quick summary of our services: installation of ceramic tile (or repair it). plumbing jobs, carpentry, metal welding, painting, remodeling, tile work, soldering, window screens, professional electrical work, interpreter, Dr. appointments, help getting a Driver’s License, grocery shopping, paying bills, repairs or construction work and even property survey, more and more. I, Emilio, am an experienced driver and tour guide around the country. And I also continue with my own business Cuenca Car Share.

Contact us now and solve all your problems. In Cuenca Ecuador, you have friends that can resolve your issues and even expand your horizons.

Check our Facebook page Cuenca Emilio Of All Trades, Brothers Constructions, Handyman, for pictures of our work and recommendations. Also, check GringoPost recommendations. We’ve been working in Cuenca for years.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694
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