Your gifts are growing!

Your generosity has purchased food and medicine, your donations have provided clothing and comfort, and now your gifts are literally growing.

We delivered seeds, seedlings, and fertilizer to the people of Polo, Yubar Potrero, Baños Yunga, Sector de Aguas Calientes and Centro parroquial de Chaucha, in partnership with Councilwoman Marisol Peñaloza.

Sustainability is essential for the future in these uncertain times and your generous gifts are the seeds of that self-reliance. Thank you.

There are three easy ways for you to continue to support this and other Cuenca Soup Kitchen projects below:

To give in Ecuador (100% of your donation will go towards this crisis)
Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251002



for more information contact us at

Directors Cuenca Soup Kitchen: .

City: Cuenca

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