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I hope this post finds you, your family and friends healthy and safe. These are difficult times for all of us.

As expats in Cuenca, we are fortunate. We have income, food, housing, and the basics that will help us get through. So many of you are generous and support critical programs to help Cuencanos in this time of overwhelming need.

But there are 30 women, survivors of domestic violence and clients of Mujeres con Exito, who live outside the shelter and are not so fortunate. They have bravely struggled to find a new way to live, build self-esteem, and raise their children in a safe and loving environment.

Sadly, this current crisis has left these courageous women unemployed, receiving food assistance, and a small monthly stipend of $25 through our program. Their landlords forgave their April and May rent, but that won’t happen again in June.

Everything these women have accomplished to have a better life will be lost if they can’t pay rent. Without a place to live, the women and their children will face an unknown future.

I personally appeal to you, knowing how much you already do to help our community, to help one more time. We can’t permit these women who have worked so hard to break the cycle of domestic violence to fail. I have seen every one of them find community, assistance, counseling and job training at Casa Maria Amor/Mujeres con Exito.

There is so much needed to get through this crisis. I wouldn’t ask for more, except it breaks my heart to see firsthand the struggles and challenges these women have endured, only to face the possibility of losing it all.

If you can possibly do a little extra to help these women, you can make a contribution with PayPal at mcbsusan at outlook dot com or contact me for banking information. Please stay safe.

With gratitude and love, Susan McBride

Susan McBride: .

City: Cuenca

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