Wire dog crates . . . tennis balls — anybody?

It would be a huge favor to our household if you would give or sell a medium-size dog crate. Not an airline crate, but one that looks like this (I’ll try to put a photo below). If the photo doesn’t take, just understand I don’t want plastic anywhere, just plain wire, with one or two doors and a slide-out tray on the bottom. The dimensions should be approx 36 inches x 28 inches x 25 inches (90cm de ancho x 70cm de alto y x 62cm de profundidad). The size approximates what a Labrador retriever might be comfortable in.

I could also be talked into a smaller crate for a second, smaller dog.

And still, always, looking for tennis balls (the pro kind, not the kind sold in pet stores).

Thanks so much.

Heather: 099 577 7459. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca
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