What to do if I have a traffic accident with a bicycle?

Dear Expat Community, here are some recommendations on what to do in case you hit a person on a bicycle with your vehicle:

• first and foremost, call your insurance advisor immediately so that he/she can provide you with personalized advice.
• second, do not take the blame for the accident
• try to mediate directly with the owner of the bicycle.
• if there are injuries, call the traffic police immediately after speaking with your insurance advisor.
• calmly and carefully analyze how the accident occurred and whether or not you are at fault.
• if the driver of the bicycle died, contact your insurance advisor and a lawyer. if you have a liability policy, the company may provide legal services, as long as you were not intoxicated, and if you were, you should analyze if your policy has property coverage.
• try to mediate with the affected parties so that your vehicle is not taken into custody.

Remember that all vehicles in Ecuador have the mandatory insurance “spat” that covers up to $3400 per accident in medical coverage for the insured. If this value is insufficient to treat the condition of the injured person, the private policy you have will be activated immediately and will provide the missing coverage. The amount will depend on the policy you have contracted.

in Ecuador, the first step to come out victorious of any accident you may have is the mediation with the affected parties and with the corresponding civil entities, with the purpose that your vehicle and you are not detained, if you are not guilty of the accident, under no circumstances feel obliged to declare yourself guilty, speak as little as possible and with phrases that do not affirm or deny anything, that is to say you must handle a linear language that does not allow any civil agent or the affected party to feel that you are assuming a guilt that does not belong to you.

If you are the guilty party of the accident, mediation will always be the best way to solve any incident. If you are the affected party, in the same way always call your insurance advisor and the transit agency so you can make your report of what happened if the perpetrator of the accident tries to flee and does not want to assume his guilt.

The legal processes in Ecuador are slow. That is why we emphasize our recommendation to mediate between the affected parties, as it could take months to open a legal process and get out of it. The best option is always respect the cyclist and pedestrian, do not speed, do not exceed 30km / h in populated places or with circulation of cyclists, areas such as: Barabon en Sayausi, Av Ordoñez Lasso, Baños, Historic Denter, and San Sebastián are the favorite places for Cuencano cyclists, since they have bike paths, which are not always used but it is an alternative for lovers of the sport.

If you are a cyclist and suffer one of these mishaps, please take note of the license plate of the vehicle. Always be ready with the emergency number on your mobile device as well as that of your insurance agent. Always drive with caution and wear your helmet; accidents can happen at any time and you should be prepared for any circumstance.

If you do not have a health or vehicle policy do not wait any longer to contact us. We have the best prices in the market, and we take care of helping you with the reimbursement processes in the insurance companies so you get the best benefits of your policies.

We are Bluebox Advisors, and we are waiting for you, to take care of you and what you love. If you are not a client and you need more information about plans, coverage, insurance or accident mediation do not hesitate to contact us.

Carlos Ramirez: blueboxasesores@gmail.com 098 246 5168. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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