What is the value of an annuity insurance or home insurance?

Some of the insurances with the best coverages and little used by the users are the real estate insurances or home insurances. This type of insurances are often dismissed because we have the conception that nothing can happen in our home and being positive is always an additional coverage, but what happens if a delinquent breaks into my home and steals important objects? Who is going to cover them? What will happen if I steal your computer, cell phone or electronic devices, or if suddenly there is an earthquake or cataclysm and your home collapses in a matter of seconds? At this precise moment we usually remember the times we avoid hiring an all risk insurance for your home.

These insurances have minimum values, almost the same as having a coffee in an afternoon with your friends or family. While your home is safe with us, one of the best benefits that a home insurance gives you is that your personal belongings will be covered against all risks, as well as the structure of your home in case of an earthquake, or if you need a plumber we can also help you. A home insurance ensures your well-being and your future. An earthquake is an unforeseen event that year after year leaves hundreds of thousands of people homeless who did not have insurance, while those who were well advised are in the process of buying their new property thanks to your insurance that will recognize the total insured value of your home minus the value of the deductible.

And what are you waiting for to contract with Bluebox Asesores, the broker that takes care of you and what you love? Ask for our special products for expats. Remember that we have the best prices in the market, with the best coverage and a personalized service in your language.

Carlos Ramirez: blueboxasesores@gmail.com 098 246 5168. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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