Welcome to the Jungle – Nunkui store/gallery

The Nunkui project arises from the need to protect the culture of Amazonian indigenous peoples and their territory as it is their home, food source and spirituality. However, the pressure on its natural resources by logging, mining, and oil companies put the Amazon in grave danger.

We believe in alternate local developments generating a sustainable economy that protect the sources of water, the forest, and the traditions of the native peoples.

We are proud to be able to show the world what the Amazon is and represents, its traditions and culture embodied in Mokawas, Tinajas, Kallanas (ceramic pieces), Changuinas, paneras (woven fiber), figures of jungle spirits, and animal figures such as tapir, parrot, jaguar, armadillo, turtle, etc. Each hand-crafted piece, decorated using natural dyes, is rich of ancestral and symbolic meaning.

Nunkui gallery store aims for all people to connect with the Amazon and its protection, because we know that what is loved will be preserved.

We are a small project, full of good energy, eager to get ahead despite the difficulties. In our beautiful gallery shop located in Cuenca historic district, you can find unique pieces handcrafted by Amazonian Indians that you can make part of your home or as a unique gift with territorial identity all coming from fair trade. We also offer for sale: Amazonian Arabica coffee, dark chocolate, panela confit ginger, organic cinnamon, dredger’s blood, guayusa, dried pitahaya, craft beer, natural soaps, natural cosmetics and more.

Our responsibility is great, because the 18 communities of 5 indigenous groups (Shuar, Achuar, Kichwa, Waorani and Andoa), in 4 provinces of the Ecuadorian Amazon trust the Nunkui project and we will not disappoint them.


“Casa San Sebastián”. Simón Bolívar 13-86 and Estévez de Toral.

WhatsApp: 099 586 7670

Business hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 1 PM and 2:30 to 6 PM. Saturday: 9:30 AM to 1 PM.

Paul Sanchez: psanchezregion6@gmail.com
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