We love all of our customers; thank you from La Guarida

We love what our customers are saying about us. Here we share some of their comments:

* Run, don’t walk to La Guarida for breakfast:

For me the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Today I ordered a vegetable omelet with sourdough bread and a cup of coffee. The omelet was so beautiful it took me a couple of seconds to eat rather than just admire the culinary work of art. The taste was even better than the looks. The portion was just the right size. The sourdough was crispy and the coffee was strong.

* Old World Charm, New World Cuisine.

There are many things to love about being in Cuenca. Every once in a while, you are gifted with something that reminds you of why you love your home city. La Guarida is one of those places. The ambiance and feel of the ancient restaurant is a lights-out winner. The food is impeccably prepared in their open kitchen with a modern attention to organic, fresh, and local ingredients.

Movie nights, live music, and a general light-hearted feel of being with friends (even those you don’t know) fill the room as easily as the aroma of their exceptionally good local coffee, small batch brewed to order for each guest’s personal taste.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – La Guarida is a peach. Dog-friendly.

– Join for breakfast. We open Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 1 PM.

January 23rd, from 8:30 AM to 1 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres:  099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.

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