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Our house is three or four stories, depending on how you count them, and the water pressure is weak. The problem with weak water pressure is that the calefon (the water heater) requires water pressure to turn on. So, we end up taking cold showers if someone runs the hot water in the kitchen, the clothes washer or even flushes a toilet. While cold showers might be refreshing back in Texas, here in Cuenca it’s a bit chilly.

I’ve been told that you can buy a water pump that will increase water pressure and eliminate this problem. Our first home here in Cuenca had the same issue and I have long suspected it’s a common problem. If that’s true, then perhaps someone has dealt with this problem and can offer some advice in terms of cost and who helped them install the pump.

Writing this and asking for advice on this forum reminds me how different things are here in Cuenca where so many depend on this forum for answers to such a wide variety of questions. I can’t think of a similar resource back home and that just struck me as both a bit sad and a bit glad. We don’t have a lot of close friends here but it feels like we have a lot of people we can depend on for questions like this and others.

It’s a good feeling. But I can’t help wondering what drives so many of us to participate in things like GringoPost. Is it the commonality of being foreigners in a strange land? I get the buy and sell stuff aspect. But the lengths some go to help is sometimes impressive.

We are leaving for the USA on Saturday and with a little luck, will be back in two weeks assuming things don’t change too much with regard to Covid.

Good luck to us all.


Steven Feuerbacher: stevef@grayshoring.com 095 927 9375 or 469 678 7224. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca
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