Volunteer in Mexico – Out of school and no work?

I have been affiliated with All Hands and Hearts (5013c) based in US for many years. AHAH is a rapid and ongoing response organization after natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Some of the programs have restarted with new criteria for volunteering. I bring this information to the community as many of us are trying to give a “leg up” to out of work and downtrodden younger people here in Ecuador (out of school up to age 50).

An opportunity to volunteer in Oaxaca, MX has just opened up. The new requirement is minimum of 8 weeks. They pay all transportation and a $150 month stipend for the days off required. All food and housing included. The job is to build a school. This is manual labor at its best, and the community one works with is fantastic. There is also possibility of staying with the program and even possibly getting a paid job.

I have almost all the gear needed for this adventure (air mattress, sheet, pillow, gloves, goggles, masks, etc.) I will be happy to loan this stuff out for someone who will represent us well.

It you have a person in mind, write me and we can discuss at length. Program will run April 16 – June 12. Imperative to get the application in early as the slots fill up fast. I have the full description and application.

Kimberly Ruth Curls: curlskim@hotmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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