Entry requirements to Ecuador

A quick Google search reveals that Ecuador requires a negative PCR test within 10 days of entry, but still random testing at the airports is still possible. Has anyone traveled recently, and can you tell me your experience?

Andrew F Coonce: acoonce02@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca
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Covid Antigen testing

I am leaving Ecuador at the end of April and will need a Rapid Antigen test before I go. Can someone tell me where I can the test done in Cuenca? Thanks,

Ann Dodson
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Does anyone sell Guinness beer?

St. Patrick’s is coming up. Does anyone in town sell Guinness?

Lucy Hancock
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Considering coronavirus, when taking plane, is there any requirement?

I will take a plane from Cuenca to Quito in May. Shall I prepare for Nucleic acid test report? Considering coronavirus, when taking a plane, is there any requirement now?

David: davidxu626@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca
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Investment visa

Any recommendations for a bank or co-op that would be best for an investment visa CD? Safety and good customer service are primary and I understand that there is risk associated with some of the high interest rates offered. Thanks,

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Lowest local ATM fee?

Hi friends, Which is the local ATM that charges the lowest fee in case of withdrawing money from B of A?

Thanks in advance,

Jose Bona
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Waterproof flashlight

Does anybody either have or know where to locate a small waterproof flashlight? I don’t have time to obtain one from the States.

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Does Punto Net still have an office in Cuenca?

I have been using Punto Net for a long time. Recently, I had some problems using Punto Net. When I called the Punto Net Cuenca office, no one answered my phone call. Does Punto Net still have an office in Cuenca?


City: Cuenca
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US Skype phone number

Hi all,

Does the below sound correct, or am I missing something?

I’ve never had a smartphone. I plan on buying an Android smartphone in Cuenca. Then I’d download the Skype app and purchase a US Skype phone number. Then friends and family in the US can call my US Skype number and it’d ring on my smartphone in Cuenca and I’d pick up on the Skype app.

Also, I have no desire to have a local Ecuador phone number as I use email for communication here. Thus, is it true that I won’t need a phone chip (SIM card), rather my smartphone will simply connect to the Internet via WiFi, in order for my smartphone to ring, and in order for me to pick up the call on the Skype app?

Thank you for any input,

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Flying back to the States with my pet

Hello Everyone,

I hope I can find some answers through here. I’m heading back home to New Jersey in two months or so and I would like to know the restrictions regarding traveling with a pet.

Now keep in mind my dog is a service dog.

I’ve been told they are no longer allowed to travel on aircraft cabin. Is this true? Does this apply to service dogs?

Honestly any information regarding this subject would be wonderful. Calling the airline is one thing but if I could get advice from someone who has traveled with their pets already during this pandemic that would be great too.

Thank you in advance for any information.

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Best plant nursery

What is the best nursery for house plants of all sizes?

Brahmi Ishaya
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I may have some things that belong to you

Hello Expat Community,

I recently ordered and received some items from Hugh Prather, who advertised a mule service for Cuenca.

I received some items that do not belong to me: a packet of dryer sheets, and an iPhone cover. It is not my desire to keep things which do not belong to me, so kindly let me know if you also ordered from Hugh Prather and you are missing these items. I will get them to you.

Additionally, I am missing three bottles of D3, which I need for my health condition, and three boxes of ginger lemon tea. Photos attached.

If you have my items i would appreciate if you would contact me. Kindly email.
I am unable to reach Hugh.

Thank you very much. this is an honor system request.

Mary Thomajan
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New visa info needed

I would like to extend my temporary visa for another two years. With the new laws just a week or two ago, will I have to redo all my paper work just like I did when I first filed for my visa or will it be possible to just pay a fee and fill out a new form?

Thank You for all your help.

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Cancelleria appointment website not working?

Does anyone know why the website for making appointments at the Cancelleria doesn’t give any appointments to apply for a visa? It works well for other services i.e.: Cedula, passport, etc. but won’t let the users choose their Coordinal Zone once “Tramite Visa” is chosen.

Here’s the link:


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Recommendation needed for Quito furniture and mirror stores

Recommendation needed for Quito furniture and mirror stores

I am in need of finding someone that can make preferably custom teak tables, headboards in Quito. Also need to find a store that will do custom mirrors. Any help would be appreciated.

Maria: mstewart@stewartcorp.us .

City: Quito (capital)
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US passport renewal from Ecuador

We are wondering, are there any local arrangements in the near future for the US Consulate to make a visit to Cuenca as they have done in the past for passport renewals without having to go to Guayaquil?

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Investing in the Bolsa de Valores?

Does anyone have experience investing in the Ecuadorian stock market? It seems really sleepy, but I’m looking for a better ROI than bank deposits. Any advice is appreciated.

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Change in permanent residency?

Hello all, My husband and I have had our investment visa for 9 years. There was an earlier post about a way to be able to access your investment money. Has anyone had personal experience with this or know anything about this? If you know anything please respond to this question. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Where to stay near Quito Airport?

I need 3 rooms near Quito Airport for one night, April 7, that accepts pets. What place do you recommend that is still open? Thanks.

Jani: ninerall@yaoo.com .

City: Cuenca

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Which is better in Quito, Netlife or PuntoNet?

Dear friends, I need high speed and stable internet service, I have high requirement for internet service, it shall be fast and stable in both downloading and uploading, I am now using 20 MEGAS (20mbps) fiber optic of PuntoNet.

Is there any other internet supplier in Quito that is better than PuntoNet?
It is said that Netlife is very good. Are there some friends who have the experience of using Netlife? How do you feel about Netlife?

If you are now living in Quito and using Netlife, I want eagerly to hear your comments. Thank you for your help in advance,

David: davidxu626@gmail.com .

City: Quito (capital)

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Ecuadorian PCR test

If you are going to return to Ecuador within 10 days of the date of the negative PCR test taken in Ecuador, can you use the same test to return back to Ecuador?


City: Cuenca
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Which is better in Quito, Netlife or PuntoNet?

Dear friends, I need high speed and stable internet service, I have high requirement for internet service, it shall be fast and stable in both downloading and uploading, I am now using 20 MEGAS (20mbps) fiber optic of PuntoNet. Is there any other internet supplier in Quito that is better than PuntoNet? It is said that Netlife is very good. Are there some friends who have the experience of using Netlife? How do you feel about Netlife? If you are now living in Quito and using Netlife, I want eagerly to hear your comments. Thank you for your help in advance,

David: davidxu626@gmail.com .

City: Quito (capital)
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Organ donation – opting out

I vaguely remember being compulsorily opted in for organ donation when I applied for my permanent residence cedula at the Registro Civil in Cuenca. This was just a month before the pandemic started and I believe I did not give much thought to it at that time. However, over the course of the past year, my views on organ donation have changed somewhat (for religious and other reasons) and I am curious to find out if there’s a way I can opt out of organ donation now?

Thank you all in advance for your kind feedback.

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Did all the taxes go from 12% to 30%?

I’m confused, is the sales tax IVA now 30% and not 12% anymore? Anyone know how long this is going to go on? It makes everything suddenly really expensive and not in budget now. Will it end?


City: Cuenca
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Compounding pharmacies in Cuenca?

I am told there are such in Cuenca. Does anyone know if they offer the same service as the US compounding pharmacies?

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Missing cedula

My situation is the following: it is possible that I might have to replace my cedula. I can’t find it! Does anyone here know if I have to return to city of its origin where it was first issued? (Quito) Or can I go to any government office to have it replaced?

Any information is welcome. Would prefer current and personal information.

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What makes dark yolked eggs?

A farmer who sells chickens told me that chickens that lay eggs with dark yolks may have been fed a substance that causes this. The chickens may not be healthier or pastured. Does anyone know if this is true?

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Transportation service

Hello everyone, my name is Roman Uyaguari, I’m a professional driver and I offer you transportation service, fulfilling the legal requirements, accommodating me with your prices and dates. The service is private, safe and guaranteed at all.

Don’t hesitate to call to 099 186 7060 / 099 884 7524 or email me anytime.

– In and out of the city
– City tours
– Quito
– Guayaquil airports
– Vilcabamba, Manta, Machala, etc.

Roman Uyaguari
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Locations for Corvid 19 vaccines?

Has anybody heard what locations the vaccinations will be administered? Also, how to apply to get the vaccine?

Joseph Tana

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Banco Pichincha data leak?

My friends, there´s info about an alleged data leak from the aforementioned bank.

Take this message as an advice for increasing your online security and privacy. I cannot confirm nor deny this data leak.

Jose Bona: 095 897 1911. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Men’s shoes size 13, 48 or 50

I’m having a hard time finding big shoes here so if you have tennis shoes in good condition that you would like to get rid of, please let me know.


City: Cuenca

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Looking for a US notary in Vilcabamba or Cuenca.

Jeff Lundman
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Covid PCR test

We are leaving for USA on Saturday at 1 AM and need to have the Covid test taken and the results returned within 72 hours of our departure and arrival in USA. If anyone has had this test performed could you please let us know:

1) Where you had the test done?
2) How long it took to get it back?
3) The cost?
4) Did you need to make an appointment?




Steven Feuerbacher

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Pepper spray

Hi all,

Where are they currently selling pepper spray in Cuenca?

Thank you,

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Fax machine?

Greetings all,

Does anyone happen to know where I might find a fax machine to send documents to the US? Thank you in advance.

Robert Neil White. Jr.
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Ernest Whaley

Wednesday, January 3rd. 2021 
You posted a question, but you didn’t give your email or any way for replies. 
Contact: Veronica +593 99 474 8668 
She can help you out or use Airbnb.com 

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent 
Looking for 2 bedroom furnished apartment for rent in Cuenca, $300-$450 

I need to find a place to rent six months minimum, that is secure, won’t mind me playing acoustic guitar at all hours, furnished, utilities included, access to nature, and close to shopping, medical/dental offices, $400 a month or less. Who do I need to contact? Also, I will need a personal facilitator as my Spanish is minimal. Blessings and Balance, 

Ernest Whaley


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Question about apostille

Is there a place in Cuenca to get 2 documents apostilled after having them notarized?


Luz Maria Barone

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Can you help us by donating rice, noodles or lentils? – Fundacion Núr

We need your help to provide weekly kits of food to 25 families in need.

Every week we distribute 100 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of oat, 44 pounds of noodles and 100 pounds of lentils between the families that Fundacion Nur supports.

Would you be able to provide any of these items for next week?
Please contact us at funraising@fundnur.org.
Thank you so much.

If you want to learn more about Fundacion Núr please visit https://www.fundnur.org/english/index.html

Nelida Navarrine: fundraising@fundnur.org +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

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Adoptable dogs at Paws with Hope

Hello Friends of Paws with Hope. We are very grateful for the support we receive. We have been able to place 5 dogs into their forever homes in the past couple of months bringing us down to 8 dogs and 3 cats who are still under our care full time. 3 of these dogs are not very happy living in the pack and are looking for their forever families. To inquire about an adoptable dog please send me a message.

As for the 3 cats, Jake tested positive for feline leukemia so at this moment in time our doors are closed to taking in and placing more cats. Jake’s treatment is not cheap and the other 2 cats that are residing here need to be tested and if they are negative, they need to be vaccinated against feline leukemia. The vaccine came to Cuenca only a few months ago so it was not available here when they were young kittens. We are low on funding and the cost for the needed vet care for these 2 cats is about $90 plus the cost of transportation.

Another one of our dogs needs vet care for his teeth. This may cost about $60 depending on if he needs teeth removed. There is a mini pack of about 8 street dogs who have adopted us as their resource for food. Pictured in the first picture below is Oscar who is one of these dogs. He comes here to sleep from time to time. He is a low maintenance dog and does not seem to bother our pack at all. I do not think he is ready to stay here full time as he enjoys coming and going. The rest of the street dogs we care for are either too scared to let us touch them or come and go just like Oscar. We would like to continue to feed these dogs for as long as we can. Any contribution would help greatly. We are always in need of dog food, cat food, cat litter, leashes and collars, used pillows, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. To meet our tribe please send me a message.

Jay Dee: pawswithhopecuenca@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca
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Suggestions needed

I need to send a completed direct deposit form for my social security to the US Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica. What is the best way to send this? Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply. Be Blessed,

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Are there many venomous snakes in Mexico?

I am curious about the snake population in Mexico. Are they just found in certain areas of the country or can they be found all over? What kind of snakes are there?

I like to know what I could possibly face when I move there in the late Spring or early Summer.

Thank you

Shirley Black
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Does anyone know who replaced Giovanna at JEP?

Does anyone know who replaced Giovanna at JEP on Remigio Crespo? Can you tell me if she speaks English?

Robert OHara
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I have a residence visa and have to renew my passport. I know the procedure to renew my passport. Do they transfer of the visa information to the renewed passport? And if not, how do I go about it?

Jeff Lundman
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Dr. Navarro ozone therapy?

Dave Edwards replied to my Saturday GringoPost post that Dr. Navarro does ozone treatments. Would Dave or someone else please give me Dr. Navarro’s first name and contact info or office location?

Many thanks,

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Bose stereo repair?

I need to find a place where I can have my Bose stereo system repaired.

Eric MacFarland
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Cell phone with good camera for use in Ecuador

 I am looking for a new cell phone with a good camera in it. (Samsung S20 equivalent) How important or not is a dual sim card phone?
I don’t plan on many calls from the States and plan on something like Google Voice or I already have an Ooma.

My move is +/- 5 months out so I can wait for improving technology but how important is a dual sim card? Don’t want to carry 2 phones.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Helping a friend; need information on shippers and containers

I have a friend that intends to move to Cuenca from the US. I’m compiling information towards selecting a shipper and container. Does anyone have current information about bringing in a container, probably through Guayaquil. Recommendations for a shipper, what are the costs, forms necessary, timeline, any other details on shipping during these times. Any help or contact details would be greatly appreciated.  

Please contact: Duane 098 570 5036


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Visa service issues

Is Ecuador still issuing visas at this time?

I contracted with a visa service with offices in Cuenca and the US that has basically stopped communicating with me. Once I paid the fees I got minimal replies and assistance and I am concerned that they may have closed. Some of the phone numbers are no longer in service.


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Social Security Cuenca move vs. permanent legal address?

Hello everyone, I would appreciate some wisdom from members of the expat community helping me with a big question.

I understand if one is out of the US for 30 days, we’re to advise the Social Security administration.  
If I decide to stay in Cuenca for a few years, am I best off communicating a Permanent Legal US address with one of the nomad mailing services, or try to receive mail in Ecuador? In my case, I’d like to simply maintain my current direct deposits at my US bank.

Does anyone have advice and personal experiences to share?
Thanks for your time and help,


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Bernina BSR

Looking for a quilter who uses the Bernina BSR to give me lessons. You tube videos don’t cut it for me. Will pay $10/hour. Prefer near Hotel Oro Verde on Ordonez Lasso if possible.

Lorraine Marshall

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