Two young and bonded female tabbies for adoption

Two adorable female, one-year-old bonded tabbies are in need of a new home.

Both are spayed and have all their vaccines. They’ve always been inside, and have rarely seen anyone outside the home, so may be quite shy at first. They love to sit on laps, often together, and are quite cuddly. Expect they would be with others once they were acquainted.

Seven is large and very cuddly, likes to give nose kisses. Maze is tiny and shyer, doesn’t like to be petted on her back, but will roll over and let her belly be stroked after a few tail pets. Maze has a fluffy tail, white paws and large eyes. She likes to jump. Seven is a typical gray tabby with a fairly muscular build. Seven is overall more friendly and likes morning nose kisses, but both like to have lap naps. And Maze is oddly fond of belly rubs occasionally. They get along very well, sleep together, eat together out of the same bowl.

They will come with a large bag of their favorite food, litter box, flea treatments for possible future needs. They don’t have any fleas now and have been given the long-term treatment and the house is flea free. Also, a carrier and several toys. They prefer rubber bands though.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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