Two concerts brought to us from the Digital Room of the OSC this week

The first was recorded on December 8, 2017 with the following repertoire: Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra, by Luis Humberto Salgado and El Cajas, concert for Andean instruments and orchestra by Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo, which will be on our YouTube channel from Wednesday, April 15 at 8 PM. The second concert was recorded on June 1, 2019 and was presented in the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, since it was done in kichwa, the children’s opera El Quinde, Fuego y el Gigante by Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo. You can find this concert on our YouTube channel: on Saturday, April 18, from 6 PM.
Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra. Luis Humberto Salgado. Called The Consecration of the Virgins of the Sun, the composer through his movements explores polytonalism in conjunction with pentaphony, as well as the use of the Ecuadorian genres Sanjuanito, Yaraví and Albazo. It has a cyclical form, in this way it synthesizes the different musical elements of the first and second movements in the third movement. (Alex Alarcón Fabre, December 2017)

El Cajas, Concerto for Andean instruments and orchestra. Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo. The mixture of sounds and their dialogues are attractive, since there is not much music of this type where Western and Andean instrumentation are combined. It maintains scholastic structures, such as the alternation of slow and moving movements, but very clear local colors are evident that identify the origin of this music. This genesis is in the magnificence of the landscape of this region, on the cliffs, on the cliffs and in the crystal clear waters that irrigate that piece of paradise known as the El Cajas National Park in Cuenca-Azuay. It has the special participation of the renowned musicians Alexis Zapata (Pan Flute), Luis Guevara (Charango) and Milton Castañeda (Quena).

El Quinde, Fuego y el Gigante, Children’s opera of Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo. The story is based on legends of the Amazon, of the warrior people Shuar, who need fire as a livelihood, but this is stolen by a wicked giant. After this, the people and animals of the place summon a sage, the Quinde, who sets out to rescue the fire, convincing the giant to stop being “evil” and return him. A staging of children for children that excited attendees large and small and that was also enjoyed by children and adolescents from bilingual schools in the province of Cañar.

A great effort that brings together many talents with the libretto by Fernando Moncayo, composition and direction by Jorge Oviedo Jaramillo and the participation of the Children’s Choir of the José María Rodríguez College of Arts, Director Children’s Choir: María Eugenia Arias, Stage Director: Belén Ochoa, Preparer Vocal: Jorge Regalado, Assistant Choral Director and Pianist: Thomas Coker. Protagonists: Inés Calle and Denisse Narváez – Mikoa, Josué and Gabriel Regalado – Pandama, José Daniel Madero and David Segarra – Yambinga, Odalis Brito and Dayana Arcentales – Himbuí, Santiago Arévalo – El Sol, Héctor Rondón – El Gigante.

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