Travel with Paco’s Blues to Vilcabamba, July 30 – August 1st

Paco’s Blues will be playing in Vilcabamba on Saturday, July 31st. We are getting a large comfortable tourism bus for the trip. We will have extra seats available, so if you have an interest in spending a weekend in Vilcabamba and want to come along please let us know by sending us an email to

We will be departing from Parque San Sebastian (next to Cafe San Sebas) on Friday July 30th at 10:00am and returning to Cuenca from the central park in Vilcabamba on Sunday August 1st at 2 PM (returning to Parque San Sebastian in Cuenca).

The cost will be $30 per person (round trip). This is for the bus trip only and you will need to make your hotel reservations separately.

It’s going to be a great time.

Friday, July 30th, to Sunday, August 31st, $30. Departing from Parque San Sebastian at 10 AM, Cuenca.

Pacos Blues
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