This week’s specials with Mother and Son Family Kitchen

Mother and Son Family Kitchen now cooking at the Jazz Society Café.

Mother & Son Family Kitchen is a mother and son partnership that was born in the Philippines. Debby (Mom) moved to Cuenca eight years ago and James (Son) followed three years later. Working together for a total of fifteen years has led them to a strongly shared passion for cooking. They were part of the founding team of Bone-ito and Bento, Cuenca’s first meal delivery business. Mother & Son Family Kitchen is the next step in that evolution.

In Cuenca, Mother & Son Family Kitchen has found a perfect environment for offering fabulous meals reflecting a variety of cuisines, e.g., Tex-Mex, Asian, Italian, BBQ and their signature dishes. No matter the day, you will always find that Mother & Son Family Kitchen has something wonderful in store for you.

Daily Lunch Delivery
Italian Menu https:
Asian Menu
Seafood Menu
Filet Mignon Sunday

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Tuesday to Sunday, Cuenca, Ecuador

Cleve James Dahili: 096 322 3377
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