The secret to having Spanish conversations with ease and confidence

One of the most common struggles I hear from expats in Latin America that are trying to learn Spanish to better integrate into their new home, is that you have a bad memory and can’t seem to hold on to the words you know…

So you find yourself having to learn them over and over again.



And basically, just a waste of time.

But I’m here to tell you that regardless of your age or whatever other excuse you’re telling yourself, 90% of the time what it actually comes down to is how you are learning.

The old way of thinking is still the most prominent amongst learners and teachers to this day…

But soon enough this will phase out because more and more people are realizing that it doesn’t work.

Because when you try to learn through rote memorization, single word flashcards without images, grammar exercises, etc. you’re working with your short-term memory.

So it makes sense that you’re only going to get short-term results which means that you’re forced to continuously review the same things and try to force them into your memory.

This doesn’t work, or at least it takes a loooong, frustrating time.

The good news is, you can work with the long-term memory directly, when you activate your subconscious mind by focusing on understanding the overall message of meaningful forms of communication, (like music, videos, conversations, etc.)

The key here is to not let your analytical mind interfere because it interrupts the natural (subconscious) learning processes that we’ve all been born with.

This is something I teach in my 12-week fluency boot camp program and the results are beyond anything you could expect from a typical language program.


Because the words and structures become embedded in your mind, they become hardwired, just like your ability to ride a bike.

It’s not something you need to think about, you just hop on and go.

You can do the same with Spanish.

You don’t have to consciously work out every little word before speaking or understanding what’s being said.

If you approach new vocabulary and structures in the right way, you can begin to have Spanish thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, right when you need them.

In my12-week fluency program, we go further in depth with this so you can fully understand how to learn through association, rather than translation.

You learn exactly how to store new information directly into your long-term memory and also, how to reframe your mindset from doubtful, hesitant and fearful, to empowered, inspired and confident.

Of course we don’t just leave it there either…

You also get personalized support and feedback through our coaching calls and conversation reviews.

Plus you’ll be speaking with my team of native speakers who know how to create a brain friendly learning environment so that you’re able to break through any mental blocks and finally feel comfortable and confident speaking Spanish.

In just 12 weeks Candace went from understanding native speakers about 30 minutes after the conversation was over… To being able to comprehend in real time and even respond simultaneously, because she is no longer translating in her head!

If you’d like to learn more to see if my program could be a good fit for you, please visit my website at to book your free consultation or email

We have 4 spots currently available to start April 12th and April 19th.

3 of these spots are for our small group option (2-4 people per group)…

Open for true beginners – you are just getting started or know some basic words & phrases but have a hard time participating even in the most basic conversational exchanges

Open for high beginners – you can hold basic conversations in the present tense but can’t manage the past tense yet and want to learn how to go from translating everything to thinking directly in Spanish

We are offering a free trial for the first 3 people that book a free consultation with us to learn more, so book yours today at

Canoa, Ecuador


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