Tenth installment in the Digital Room of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra

This Wednesday, May 13, at 6 PM the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra presents the tenth installment of the Digital Room on its YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/sinfonicacuenca with the ballet “El lago de los Swans ”by Piotr Ilich Tchaikowsky recorded at the Carlos Cueva Tamariz theater on March 8, 2019, which included the participation of the students of the“ Balletti Dance School ”and the“ Classique Ballet Studio ”, more than 140 dancers who worked very hard to make their presentations flawless. Gabriela Pagliaricci and Andrea Bustos, directors of the invited ballet academies, were also the choreographers.

This is a version dedicated to a child audience, therefore, the work in classical ballet technique involves boys and girls from the age of four and more advanced dancers.

The smallest had roles of: ducks, fireflies, frogs and small swans, giving an important initial contribution and experience to their training.

Classique and Balletti presented in this project the talent and training process that dancers have from initial levels, as well as the participation of professional dancers who are teachers in these academies.

The work is divided into four acts. It begins with the prologue, which is the transformation of a princess into a swan. The first act is the prince’s birthday party; the second and longest, the story of the swans on the lake; the third act is the court dance for the prince to choose his wife; And, the fourth and final act -the shortest- that this time will have a happy ending …

The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, under its policy of supporting these training spaces and creating opportunities for professional experience, jointly promoted this project with prestigious city academies to offer citizens quality events produced with local talents.

With this delivery there will be ten digital concerts that the public can enjoy from anywhere in the world in our Digital Room.

Find us at http://www.sinfonicacuenca.gob.ec Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Issuu

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