Technology got you down

My Cuenca Nerd specializes in making technology easy to understand and use; with over 35 years of experience working with home users and small and large business clients. Deep experience with PCs, Macs, cell phones, voice over IP (magicJack, Ooma, Vonage, etc.), networking, audio, video, and training. Whether you have equipment that’s not working and needs repair; just want a better solution to a technical problem; or want customized training to help you be more effective using your technology – My Cuenca Nerd can help.

We have some great deals going on right now:

Many of our clients struggle with getting reliable WIFI coverage in their apartment or home? The Cuenca Nerd has Mesh networking solutions that can provide seamless WIFI coverage throughout your home. One network, full signal, seamless roaming throughout your home. The best part? Significantly better solution than using multiple WIFI repeaters or networks/routers in your home.

We also have a number of the incredible Tivo 4K streaming stick still in stock. We can configure these boxes with live TV services (and get you all the US/Canadian and European channels, news, sports and services you love.

The best part. We’re responsive, we’re knowledgeable, we show up on time, and we’re affordable.

To get your own Cuenca Nerd contact David – email us at Or call us a call at 099 866 5450 or on our US number 1 305 290 3877 to schedule an appointment.


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