Taxi drivers

Almost a decade living in the safety of Cuenca. Times are different. Be careful. Taxi meters have sped up almost doubling fares. Drivers are taking the long scenic route to increase their fares, never mind they’re wasting gas doing it which equates to a wash.

Who can blame them, they’re mad as hell about the gas price increases. With that anger, it’s a little scary hailing even a reputable AzuTaxi who took the very long way while his meter flipped every half second both standing still and moving. When, what we typically pay, showed up a mile before our house, we politely asked the driver to stop, saying his meter was running too fast, he shrugged and we walked home.

We’re back to the old days of agreeing on the fare before the ride.

Just stay focused and alert, folks. These people are mad as heck and desperate.

Paul W

City: Cuenca

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