Taking care of your 4-footed little ones

Are you taking great care of your little friends (and some not-so-little ones)? Watching their diet is an important part of your care-taker position. At La Mia Mascota Pet Shop and Veterinary Service, we offer foods with the best ingredients at a reasonable price. Knibbles and Bits for snacks contain the best ingredients. Pro Pac Puppy for the pups in your house provides for improved development of the brain and vision.

For your kitties who just happen to be down there in that litter, breathing all the dust, every time they need to relieve themselves, we have CatRoyale cat litter. It has a rapid clumping action that keeps the base of the litter box clean. Better yet, it cares for your cat’s respiratory system because it isn’t dusty. Check it out at one of our 3 (soon to be 4) locations.

Opening soon – La Mia Mascota Pet Shop El Batan. Our staff in El Batan La Mia Mascota Pet Shop will include Dr. Diego – an English speaking, trained veterinarian who will be able to assist you in selecting the best food for your pets and with select consultations. He will not examine pets in the pet shop, but will be available to step in if there are any questions regarding pet care.

Did you know? We provide services needed to take your pet with you when you travel to other countries. Just ask.

In addition to the prime pet foods without food coloring or additives, we also offer a wide variety of products for your pet and home. Some unique items include micro-chipped NFC pet collar, harness, and leash that you can connect to your smartphone to keep track of your pet. We also offer a very popular foot washer for your dog, sized according to your needs, (i.e. big paw, little paw).

Come visit us, we have so many things to offer you and your little loved one. Dogs and cats are like children, needing many toys and even warm coats during the upcoming cold winter.

Can’t come? We offer home delivery, too.

Clínica Veterinaria: Arrayán y Av. De las Américas y – PetShop: CC Plaza de las Américas local #27, Sucursal 2: Cc El Vergel

Alexandra Montano

098 404 3395- 099 020 6839- 408 9255

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