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English-Spanish translator

I offer English-Spanish translation service to foreigners who visit my city and its surroundings. It will be an honor to be able to offer my help during your stay. If you want to make transactions or other matters I can accompany and guide you for the time you require. I will do my best to make your stay very pleasant.

Address: Avenida del Bombero, Challuabamba, Cuenca.

Belen Sempertegui: belensempertegui@gmail.com 099 895 9992

Favio Alvarado, court translator

Hi there, My name is Favio Alvarado. I am a court translator/interpreter for the Ecuadorian Judicial Council. That means I am registered to assist you with translations of all kinds of documents to be filed in court proceedings and live interpretation during hearings. Additionally, I am also qualified to translate documents outside of court settings, providing an extra advantage to your translated documents and, if needed, a notarized certification. Rates start at $12 per page. Best way to reach me is by email or WhatsApp, or call anytime after 5 PM. Thank you.

Address: Monay, Cuenca.

Favio Alvarado: favioalvaradog@gmail.com 099 534 6192

Translating documents from Spanish to English

I am fully driven in English and Spanish. All my postgraduate education was conducted in the Netherlands – English is the official taught language – and the United States. I have over one decade translating documents from English to Spanish and the other way around. Last year, I have been collaborating as an associated translator for NGOs due to the earthquake in Manabí. Thus, I am familiarized with health, legal and humanitarian terms. My fee will depend on the urgency of the translated information. It will vary from 0.9 to 0.14 cents per word. The payment must be done by electronic transfer to a local bank in Ecuador.

Ana: mobile phone or whatsapp: 098 330 2613. Call after 8 am, including weekends or holidays.

Translation of legal documents for visa applications in Ecuador

We translate and notarize legal documents for your visa application, such as marriage, birth, police record, certificates, etc.

Documents in which you will need to apply for the 9-I, 9-II, 9-III, 9-IV, 9-V, 9-VI, 9-VII, 12-V, 12-VI, visas.

20 years of experience doing this in Quito, and now we are in Cuenca.

Address: Rafael Maria Arizaga, Cuenca.
Andres de la Calle: andresdelacalle@gmail.com 099 565 0718

Translator for free

Hi everyone, I would like to offer my services as a translator/facilitator to any expat in Cuenca for free. I can help you with your needs: obtaining driving licenses, Taxes (SRI). If you need taxi service for passengers and pets. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than glad to help.

Address: Cuenca

Janneth: 096 736 0115.

Transportation service

Hello Everyone, We offer transportation service inside or outside of Cuenca. We pick you up at your home to downtown, shopping, restaurants, parks and other places that you want to go.
We take you to the airport and pick you back up. (Cuenca – Guayaquil – Quito)
We have tour packages to the beach, parks and other cities.

Bilingual driver. We have a car and mini-bus. Good service and good prices.

Address: Av Galapagos, Cuenca.

Mary Carmen: marycarmen.v@hotmail.com 098 770 3042.

Pablo, translator

Hello friends, I am Pablo, translator, and I offer my professional translation services from English to Spanish.

Cost is the standard $12 per page and $12.30 notarized.

Address: Circunvalacion Sur, Cuenca.

Pablo: juanpafercho@hotmail.com 098 443 4449.

Pablo the translator.

Hello friends, I put at your disposal my professional translation services for all documents from English to Spanish and Portuguese to Spanish. The cost is the standard price: $12 per sheet over and $12.30 notarization.

We work according to yours needs. Thanks for choosing us,

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Pablo el Traductor: juanpafercho@hotmail.com

Danny, Translation services

Translator and interpreter with good experience offers services with important documents, conversations, agreements, sales, etc. If you are in the need of translating anything, do not think too much and contact me. I have pretty much experience in both fields.

Address: Don Bosco, Cuenca

Danny: danny_ball35@hotmail.com

Journalism, Translations

Hello, I’m a journalism student. I speak English and I can help with translations, grocery shopping, whatever you need, if you don’t speak Spanish very well yet. Just give a call, or text me and we can meet.

Address: wherever you want me to be, Cuenca

Kamila Castillo: erikita_flaca@hotmail.com 098 793 4378.

Interpreting and translations

Simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreting as needed. Certified interpreters with over 10 years of experience. Reasonable prices. Languages: Spanish, English, French, Haitian Creole. Language pairs available upon request. Document translation available. Quito-Cuenca-Guayaquil.

Address: California Alta, Quito

Business contact information:

JP Tapia: jredfoxp@yahoo.com 099 906 3155

Translator and uber services

I’m new in the city of Cuenca and can offer translating services, verbal and filling of documentation. 100% bilingual English/Spanish.

Kevin: 098 381 1649.

Professional medical translators

Cuenca has the best doctors in Ecuador. That is why a lot of people come to Cuenca from the southern part of the country; to get medical attention and treat their health issues. My name is Pamela Urgiles, I am a young Cuencana with a lot of experience as a Professional Medical Translator.

I can schedule appointments with your preferred doctor or, if you would like, I can recommend the most adequate specialist for you and your needs. I also offer translations of medical documents.

I will help you communicate better with your doctor, ask the specific questions you need to know, clearly convey your previous medical history, and explain the treatment that you will need to follow. And I can also help if you need any blood work or imagenology test, x-ray, MRI, etc.

I have worked with Gynecologists, Traumatologists, Dentists, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Urologists, Cardiologists, Hematologists, Holistic Practitioners, etc.

Feel free to call or email me with your questions.

Address: Cuenca, Cuenca

Pamela: amepamegreen21@gmail.com 099 869 5036

Translation/interpretation services

Bridge Translations is a translation and interpretation company based in Quito, Ecuador. We offer a wide range of linguistic services and solutions and have a global team of qualified and experienced translators, interpreters and proofreaders.

We have a great deal of experience working with expats to translate their legal documents, such as birth certificates, college diplomas, employee contracts, and more. We offer certification of documents at no extra cost, as well as notarization services.

Address: Av Colon E8 57 y Diego de Almagro, Quito

Rachel: rachel@bridgetraducciones.com 593 2 223 0143


I lived in the US for a year and I can help you with any kind of translation. I speak fluid English and Spanish. I could also help with any chores. I am currently a college student at Politecnica University and trying to get some extra money to finish my degree.

Address: Barrial Blanco y Escaleras, Cuenca

Business contact information:

Cristian Escobar: criz_escobar@yahoo.com 099 583 3302.

Angel Torres, Interpreter

My name is Angel Torres and I just came from U.S.A. I am willing to provide good interpreter services. I have an associated degree in Electronics Engineering and I am fluent in English and Spanish; currently studying Italian as well. Please call me or email me if you need any help.

Address: Control Sur , Cuenca

Angel Torres: torres_0101@hotmail.com 098 697 3821.


Need a proficient interpreter? You’ve got the right dude. No seriously, I have resided in the United States for more than 10 years. During this time spam, I have completed a three year college program that endorsed me the qualification to become quite a fluent and accurate English-Spanish translator. I am very skilled at writing essays, papers and legal communications, as well as at translating oral statements at the native speaker’s speed. Need say no more.

Veronica: v_ordonez0809@hotmail.com 096 896 8039.


We provide you the best translation service in town. Are you worried about your legal procedures? Just sit and relax, if your legal documents need to be notarized we arrange it.

Address: San Joaquin, Cuenca

Gabriela Apolo: gabriela.apoloc@gmail.com 099 565 8109.

Translations (English-Spanish/Spanish-English)

Native Spanish speaker, with a legal translator degree, residing in Cuenca, with over 10 years of experience in the translations field. Not only do I have experience in the legal field but also in the automotive, financial, medical, oil and technical fields. I have worked freelance since 2005 for individuals and legal entities.

Address: Calle Larga, Cuenca

Rebeca Khabbaz: traduccionesecuador2015@gmail.com 099 615 3844.

Certified and notarized English-Spanish translations

Certified and notarized English – Spanish translations in the following areas:
birth and death certificates
marriage certificates
divorce decrees
background certificates
income tax return
SSA, etc.
academic documents:
business documents:
technical documents
tender documents
home leases
court petitions
medical reports
Notice: You don’t have to send us your original documents, we just need copies or scanned documents. We work directly with the notary office. For further information do not hesitate to contact us,

Address: Los Alamos y Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca

Jua Carlos Leon: Vdcasa_1@hotmail.com   099 558 1711.

Professional facilitator, translator and interpreter

Cristabell Aguirre, native bilingual (English – Spanish) Cuencana, graduated from International Studies, offers professional translation of documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, police records, apostilles, social security documents, college degrees or diplomas, driving licenses, thesis, papers, and academic information among other documents, including the process of getting documents notarized when necessary. Cristabell also offers personal assistance to process visas and cedulas.

As an interpreter, she can help with different needs you may have: making doctor appointments, shopping, contacting internet and cable companies, contacting professional house cleaners, contacting drivers, plumbers, and contacting technicians to help with house-issues among other situations.

She comes highly recommended by her customers.
PS: Cristabell is also a violinist who offers violin lessons to people of any age.

Paseo De los Cañaris, Cuenca

Cristabell Aguirre Saula: crysaguirre@hotmail.com /  crysaguirre@gmail.com 099 456 2964.

Translator – interpreter

I am a native English speaker. Grew up in the US. I have worked as an English Teacher, translator, and interpreter for the past ten years here in Ecuador. If you need help, call anytime. I can also provide transportation, SUV or truck. Very fair prices.

Fernando Paul Narvaez: Fernando33N@live.com    098 325 2040. Call after 6 AM.

Legal services and other needs

My name is Beverly. I am in third year of law school; US citizen born in New York but raised in Cuenca, capable of translating documents and conversations, notarial services, knowledgeable in IESS insurance, like affiliation-scheduling, Doctors appointments, etc. IRS-filing taxes-dealing with car registrations and payment fees, driver’s license, roll payment of your employees, work issues with “Ministerio de Relaciones Laborales,” employee liquidations, bank services, real estate, visas (retirement, investors, missionary, student, work, etc.), tourism, etc.

Address: Cuenca and surroundings, Cuenca

Beverly Vazquez: beverlyvazquezd@gmail.com    097 920 2143 / 07 286 6908

Translation services

I am a Venezuelan public translator and psychopedagogist. I can translate documents (all kind), conversations and whatever you need from Spanish to English and vice versa. I studied English in Arizona and then specialized in translation and interpretation in my home country, Venezuela. I work as an English teacher at a recognized school here in Cuenca. I also teach kids at home in the afternoons. My rates are affordable and the quality of my services is highly reliable. So call me if you need my services. Thanks.

Address: Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca

Maria Mercedes Salazar: maria_mercedes_salazar@hotmail.com   099 764 4380.

Translations and trips

Hello, I am Yessy, and I want to offer my help for foreign people living in Cuenca. I can help you in any activities you want like a translator, a guide or any other help you need. Ingapirca/Inca ruins midday tour, including lunch and transportation. Entrances not included. Gualaceo and Chordeleg artesanal towns tour: visiting makanas, markets, shoes and jewelry shops. Pueblos artesanales el Chorro-Giron transportation, hiking, views, pictures additional. Visit at the zoo, horseback riding and Inca ruins (full day) including lunch, horses and transportation. Horseback riding midday (Nabon). Devil’s Nose tour transportation, pictures views box lunch (tickets not included). Cajas national park tours: hiking, trekking, views, pictures, transportation and box lunch included. City tour visiting the main churches, parks, sightseeing, Turi and any other place that you want to go.

Address: Cuenca, Baltazara de Calderon 2_65 y Miguel Velez

Yessenia Quintuna Velez: 098 395 1235.

Document translation — professional and quick

If you need your documents translated from French to Spanish or from English to Spanish, I can do it for you. The documents look like the original copy (logos, signatures, page layout are all respected) when finished. All your documents can be translated quickly and professionally. And, of course, I will go to the notary with you in order to have the translation approved. Your documents will all be ready for visa approval,

Christine Poulin: artista.christine.poulin@gmail.com

Address: Cuenca, Presidente Cordova

Social Security translation

We perform translations of foreign (English) and steps in the IESS Cuenca, mortgage loans, affiliations, severance, retirement, health, payments, generate key, spreadsheets, website management, etc.

Address: Cuenca, Gran Colombia y Hermano Miguel

Andrea Pesantez Cordero: coquitopesantez@hotmail.com   099 891 5730.

Translator, Paul Youman

Looking for an English speaking translator/guide? I’m an Ecuadorian born, American currently in Ecuador for an extended period of time. Fluent in both English and Spanish, as well as the culture here. Contact by phone or e-mail.

Address: Cuenca, J.B. Aguirre y J. Gallegos Ciudadela el Paraiso

Paul Youman: p.youman@gmail.com   410 7750.

Interpreting / translating language service

Don’t rely on just anyone. Let me be your communications solution. For all of your interpreting, translating and language needs. Very affordable rates. Hi, My name Is Leo I am a Certified Interpreter –Translator (English-Spanish) with many years’ of experience. I am from USA, now living in the beautiful city of Cuenca. “I speak your language,” Address: Cuenca, Juan Jaramillo y Padre Aguirre.

Leo E Riquelme: leririqu2@gmail.com   098 123 8984.

Translations services

Translation and interpretation services from English to Spanish or vice versa. Here is a list of some of the services I offer: document translations –  legal translations – medical translations – legal and medical transcription services – educational records and diplomas – personal interpreter – marriage and birth certificates,  university diplomas  translated. I also help you fill out and complete  forms that are important to you.   Reasonable rates,

Jackie: cuencanotarynj@outlook.com or cell, 093 957 8081

Taxi Driver, Transportation services

My Name is Paulo. I am offering rides to the airports to pick up and drop off around the city and all over Ecuador, in a very comfortable, full-size car. I am a very reliable, professional driver and offer reasonable rates. I speak English. For more information please contact,

Paulo: nietorocio84@yahoo.com   099 550 4029.


My name is Jackie. I speak, write and read English. I perform all types of translations, (any types of documents). If you need an interpreter for any primary needs I can help you. I am also a public notary in the USA in the state of New Jersey. Address: Cuenca, Totorococha

Jackie: nietorocio84@gmail.com    Home: 286 2924, Cell: 093 057 8081.

The Fixers – no problem too small / no problem too big

The Fixers, a Fair Trade L.L.C. For $10.00/hour our customers access gringo standards and Cuencana prices. We never make money off any products we buy for you (we do ask for gas money). You get the receipt, we do the work. From translation to remodeling, from shopping to finding sanctuary, etc. Our motto: No legacy is so rich as honesty.

Address: Cuenca, Padre Aguirre in El Centro,

Eduardo Culcay: quickngreen@gmail.com   098 402 5750 or 098 963 8395.


Translate legal documents, including docs for your visa. Also technical and business docs. 10 years of experience as translator and interpreter. 9 years living in USA with solid experience in the banking IT field. English-Spanish, Spanish-English. Address: Cuenca, Bajada de Todos Santos 260. 

Silvio Brito : silvio.brito@live.com   099 587 2828.


My name is Ana Aguilar, 22 years old. I speak, write and read English as my own language. If you need help to go shopping, go to the doctor, get driver’s license, etc, I am eager to help you. Address: Cuenca, Ramon y Cajal e Isabel la Católica.

Just email me, or call me, Ana Aguilar: anibelen12@hotmail.com   099 884 8598.

Professional interpreter and assistant

Massiel Ruiz is a professional interpreter and assistant. She can take you to any kind of appointments, medical, legal or business related, and help you with professional interpretation and paperwork. She can also help you translate or fill out forms for driver’s license, visa, cedula and much more. She’s very knowledgeable, professional and always in time. Contact, Massiel Ruiz: Massiel03@yahoo.com

Translator, tours anywhere in Ecuador

Hi, I’m Victor Jimenez. I’ve lived in South Carolina 4 years and at Toronto for about 11 years. I speak English and Spanish and I would love to help you. Cell phone 096 763 7487 Home phone 409 3759 Thanks. Cuenca, Ave las Americas y Leopoldo Davila,

Victor Jimenez: 81victorg@gmail.com

Translator, Advisor

If you need help to shop, or whatever you want, because you don´t speak Spanish, I can help you. A lot of foreign people don´t go to shop at the market (for example Feria Libre) because they are afraid or don´t understand the language. I can go with you and I will help you. I have my own vehicle to carry you wherever you need. I also have 17 years of experience in banking and I can advise you.

Maggy Ochoa: maggy_8a@hotmail.com or  098 481 9822.

Translation services in Cuenca

We offer Spanish / English translation of all kinds of documents, besides writing, editing and proofreading. Translations in basic, legal or technical language. Facebook.com/CuencaTranslationServices

Mauricio Reyes: cuencatranslationservices@gmail.com

Immigration, visa services and legal translations

Dra. Mayra León de B. has been a doctor of law since 1996 when she graduated in the top 3 of students in her class at Universidad Estatal de Cuenca. Mayra has a 4 year degree in English, she practices civil law in Cuenca, Ecuador, and is an official translator for the Judicial Courts. She also has extensive experience in marketing for tourism in Ecuador and a diploma in strategic marketing.

Dra. Mayra León: dramayraleon@gmail.com, 404 3015

Driver, translator, handyman.

Hi, I have been taking and bringing foreigners from anywhere in Ecuador to Cuenca, and also helped to do errands or any plumbing, electrical, tile, work.

Contact me or ask for references at: 098 699 5694 or email, Emilio Morocho: bryamcito.2000@hotmail.es