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I am from around New Orleans, I am a very strong intuitive psychic that can give you accurate information, guidance, healing what the doctors cannot, cleansing and clearing. I have been gifted my entire life, I have helped many people and would love to assist you. I will offer a few minutes of my time free so you know that I am the real deal.

Appointments: phone call or meeting, coffee shop or in house. I can help heal you from traumas to sickness, or if you want information about a person or business decision or your just your life, no problem. I can help you solve your problems and tell you the best way to do so. I am not a card reader, and I do not work with dark energy. You will feel every second of this interaction. I look forward to meeting you.

PS: I can offer references from my current clients and students.

Address: Cuenca, Cuenca.

593 98 485 1359

Psychotherapy/life empowerment coach

There are times in our lives when we need specific guidance and support to return to our natural state of peace, joy and well-being.

I practiced psychotherapy for 15 years in the States serving adolescents, adults and families before my husband and I decided to take a grand adventure to Ecuador. We have been exploring and travelling all around this beautiful country for a year and have decided to settle in Cuenca.

Most of my clients are from North America as I work with them via Skype. However, I have begun to open up a local practice working with both English (gringos) and Spanish speakers here in Cuenca.

Please explore my website at: dianamatlack.com where you can find out more about me and what I offer. Keep in mind, when you look at my fees, they are for my North American and European clients. I charge half of those rates here in Ecuador. I am willing to discuss a sliding scale if that is what’s called for.

You were born to be a success…and by “success” I mean happy and fulfilled. I provide powerful tools, practices and insights that will help guide you back to your natural state of well-being.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Address: Sucre neighborhood (near Solano and Crespo), Cuenca.

Diana Matlack: diana@dianamatlack.com 096 837 0112.

Metaphysical psychotherapy

For all of you who like to clear the past, understand themselves and their purpose in life as well as get the support to create the best life. You deserve the best. My name is Georgina Nunez. I am a psychotherapist, astrologer, psychic, Tarot reader, I also read palms and I am a hypnotherapist. I combine all these approaches with other techniques like NLP, CBT, EMDR, DBT, past life regressions and spirit release. You will become a whole new you in the end, having released all trauma and negativity of the past with great insights and renewed motivation to build a glorious present. My fees are: $60 for a 90 minute astrology reading. $35 for a 40 minute Tarot Reading. Psychotherapy is $55 an hour, but now, for the first 5 new clients, $45 for the first 10 sessions. I can also do Skype.

Address: Cuenca, 7-24 Padre Aguire and Presidente Cordoba

Georgina Nunez: 098 889 4802.

Counseling or Psychotherapy

Holiday recovery in advance

Sometimes people suffer from “Holiday Blues.” We may miss things we used to do this time of the year – spoiling the kids or grandkids, going skiing or staying home to make holiday treats for friends and family. Do you find yourself saying, “This will be the first Christmas we haven’t…?”

Maybe you could use someone to talk with to sort out your feelings. Consider making an appointment to talk with me. My name is Fred Klopfer, Ph.D., and I am a certified (Ministry of Public Health in Ecuador) and licensed (in the US) clinical psychologist. I have been one for nearly forty years, and my father and grandfather were both clinical psychologists. I help people with many kinds of problems in many settings, including others similar to you.

Call for an appointment (099 428 0580, or 07 411 1943) and directions to my office. I am here to help you.

Address: Cuenca, near Iglesia Misicata (call for directions)

Dr. Fred Klopfer: fjklopfer@yahoo.com