Medical diagnostic

Do you have a need for medical imaging studies? Our facilities boasts of state of the art medical and diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI, CT scan, Ultrasonography, Mammography and X-rays. Our MRI equipment (SIEMENS,

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Clinical Lab

Urgel Lab S. A., Daniel Cordova 1-117, offers Clinical Lab studies with latest generation, automatic equipment. Best prices. We are the only lab in Ecuador that offers Lyme Disease Tests. Juan Fernando Urgiles: juanferu 

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Health – medicine – therapies

MZ Health Center, Cuenca e-Lybra System – London, UK integrative medicine – quantum medicine helping nature heal.It is particularly proven effective where other methods or therapies have failed Diego Piedra:  593 7 403 9723.

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Hypnotherapy for clinical treatments and Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy sessions are recommended for making effortless positive changes in your life. Treats anxiety, pre-interview nerves, building confidence, depression, trauma and abuse recovery, insomnia, breaking old habits, smoking cessation, weight issues, grief, controlling physical pain,

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Terapia Hiperbarica offers hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric Medicine is oxygen therapy under pressure. Hyperbaric Medicine is not alternative medicine. It is the result of many years of scientific research. Terapia Hiperbarica can help with: Increasing libido with testosterone and hyperbaric therapy,

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