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Camba’s Contratista

We do works of: residential and industrial electricity, security cameras, electric fences, fire detection systems, drywall (walls and ceiling), plumbing (cold water and hot water), Smithy ceramic and porcelain tile installation, general remodeling.

Address: Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, Cuenca.

Business contact information:
096 375 2140

Juan Camba

Electrical engineer

if you have problems with the electricity of your house, with any electrical appliance, if you want to improve the internal and external lighting, if you need to install alarms or any electrical appliance, it is time for you to call me. We also provide, install and repair cameras, sensors and other home security systems. Our prices are reasonable and our quality standards very high. I have more than 25 years of experience in residential and industrial electrical installations.

Call without commitment to 098 426 5186. Email address andrescastejon1968gmail.com

Esteves de Toral Street between Sucre and Presidente Cordova 7-55.

Andres Castejon: 098 426 5186


Lived in the USA for 20 years working as Electrician and also doing maintenance in a building as superintendent, I can help you with all your projects. No job too big, no job too small.

Address: El Valle, Cuenca

JP Electric: 1virito@gmail.com 098 832 7190

Sináptica: Electricity

Local business (and local prices too), Ecuadorians, both language speaking engineers, offer services of: Electrical Illumination (indoor outdoor) and electrical installations. Domotics and smarthomes, renewable energies assessment.

Visit our web: sinaptica.ec or find us in FB or contact us:

Address: Laureles y Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca


We operate all over the Azuay Region.

Gerónimo Molina, CEO

Electrician engineer

Hello, I am Patricio Romero, I speak a bit of English. Now I am studying English. I can offer professional work in electrical installations. You can also find me in the recommendations. I can do any electrical work eg: setting your electrical problems, decorative light, electrical gadget installation and all things electrical. I charge for work done, not for hours.

Address: Cuenca

Patricio Romero: pat.rom81@hotmail.com 098 883 5180.


Electrician, lived in the US 20 years; I am available to work on any electrical installation big or small, familiar with construction methods in Ecuador,

Pinos Electric: 098 832 7190.

Electrical, lighting, audio and video, security

CMEsmartlife Technology Firm, we offer solutions in: Electrical networks, computer networks, WiFi, home automation, security, lighting, lighting design. We are distributors (direct importers) of brands such as:
Lutron, Speakercraft, Kaleidescape, Motorola, Verbatim, Cooper, Flos, Vibia, Leucos, Bang and Olufsen, etc.

Address: Esmeraldas 2-54 y Remigio Crespo, Cuenca

Business contact information:

Marcelo Calderon: info@cmesmartlife.com

Electrical, Plumbing, Paint services

Electrical, plumber, and painting professional services. Address: Cuenca, Tirso de Molina st. and Gabriel Miro st.

Business contact information: 099 473 7709.

Help: wilozh@gmail.com

LR Electricians

Former Cincinnati, OH licensed electrical contractor. Lived in the US 33 years. I am available to work on any electrical installation big or small, familiar with construction methods in Ecuador, just recently return from the US after two years completing various projects for Brookland Capital in Brooklyn, NY.

El Valle, Cuenca

Lino Ramirez: linoramirez2000@gmail.com 099 908 1990