Dr. Cristina Tosi. dentist

We speak English. Dr. Cristina Tosi offers personalized treatment in: aesthetics, smile design, whitening, crowns, dentures, general dentistry and preventive dentistry. We also have the best specialists in orthodontics, endodontics and pediatric dentistry. Landline: 07

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We offer all kinds of dental treatments. Every day from 8 AM to 7 PM, Sangurima 21-70 y Luis Pauta Lucia Molina: kpitalmr2@gmail.com

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Smile and dental care

Dental office trained to prevent, diagnose and treat oral and peri-oral diseases in order to improve the quality of life of patients. We treat all treatments of general dentistry and specialty. Address: Tadeo Torres 3-13

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Oral Plus

We are a dental care team composed of specialists in different fields such as: Oral Implantology, Oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, and also general dental care. Our prices are affordable. You may come and walk in.

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Broadwater Dental in Ambato

The team at Broadwater Dental is committed to providing excellent comprehensive dental care to all of our patients. We use only the best materials and techniques available to ensure you get comfortable, quality treatment. Address:

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OM Dental

Dental specialty center. Address: Av Ordonez Lasso, sector Balzay, diagonal la Gasolinera Clyan, Cuenca Sandra Garcia: 098 774 2601.

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Dentist – root canal specialist

Dentist – endodontic specialist specialized in root canal treatments. Spanish / English. Consultorios Santa Ana. Office 404. Address: Cuenca, Av Paucarbamba y J Peralt. Santiago Tinoco: stinoco@intramed.net   099 284 0361.

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Dr. R. Alan Woods, Dental Practice (USA Dentist)

Dental practice: USA Dentist, GringoPost’s Best Dentist, 2014,  Dr. Woods is a dentist from the United States with 35 years’ experience in practicing and teaching dentistry. Complete general dentistry is available. While we utilize local

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Entrepreneur Fair

Entrepreneurs offer their quality products, such as vegan food, delicious sweets, ornaments for the house and much

Canning jars?

Where can I find quart canning jars in Cuenca? Mark: moconner13@yahoo.com . City: Cuenca


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