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Cuenca’s newest vegan restaurant opening September 4th

Good day to everyone,

We are Nan and Eahly from Nandala Cocina Vegetariana, and we’re excited to be opening our new plant based restaurant on September 4th and join Cuencas already amazing restaurant scene.

We have a long history of operating vegan restaurants in Canada and Thailand, and recently we relocated to Cuenca just to live, and ended up falling in love with this great city. Next thing you know Nan’s restaurant opening habbit kicked in and she put all the gears in motion to open a vegan restaurant in Cuenca.

Whatever type of diet you follow, we know you’re going to find flavors that satisfy all your cravings at Nandala. A sample of our opening menu for the first couple weeks while we get our footing and the team get comfortable.

Pad Thai.
Rice Noodles stir fried in tangy tamarind sauce. With mixed vegetables, peanuts and green onion. Choose soy protein, Tofu, or extra vegetables

Black Garlic Ramen
Rich and hearty miso broth with wheat noodles, fried broccoli, shoyu corn, shiitake mushrooms, greens, peppers, sesame, green onion and black garlic oil. Choose soy protein, Tofu, or extra vegetables

Pineapple Thai Fried Rice
wok fried rice with pineapple, cashew nuts, raisins, mixed vegetables, green onion and cilantro
Choose soy sausage, Tofu, or extra vegetables

Mexican rice and beans, Soy taco meat, pickled onion, pico de gallo, lettuce, pickled onions, chipotle cream. Served with guac and sauce, and choice of house salad or Nandala Fries.

Thai Green Curry
Coconut Milk with spicy Thai herbs, mixed vegetables, Choose soy protein, Tofu, or extra vegetables. Served with house salad or Nandala Fries

Nandala Fries
Fresh, handcut, twice cooked potatoes tossed with flash fried herbs and Himalayan salt. Served with house vegan Mayonnaise.

And more coming soon!

We’re also doing a giveaway for two $20 gift certificates on our Instagram page at @nandalacuenca, so head on over and get in on the draw.

We are located at 1-28 Florencia Astudillo, just up from the corner of 12 de Abril. Very close to Parque de la Madre. You can easily park in the parking lot there and it’s a 1 minute walk. Plus we’ll pay for your parking for any bill over $10

Thanks for reading this far and we’re so excited to welcome you all to Nandala

1-28 Florencia Astudillo y 12 de Abril.

+593 99 808 3903
What’s app @ +593 99 808 3903

Guey Express

Guey Express is Tex-Mex chain restaurant establish in December of 2020. We serve tacos with flour tortillas, nachos, quesadillas, taco dog, chicken and beef salad in our bowlcrunch made of corn, ice cream, craft beer, salsas and more. We also, have our own Tortilla factory where we produce corn and flour tortillas and the chips if you want to take home.

Email: gueytortillasmexicanas@gmail.com

Barbecue palace Indian restaurant

Barbecue palace Indian restaurant; famous food of India bringing you varieties of new dishes. World famous delicious and flavorful food. Try it now and call us for free home delivery on order above $30.

Location- 4-114 Av Pacurbamba (Cuenca)

Home delivery- 099 579 0392, 07 602 0072

4-114 av Paucarbamba antes de Clinica Paucarbamba


Casa Yangoe

“Casa Yangoe” is a project that was born to promote alternative commerce with food that comes from agroecological and organic production systems that guarantee a harmonious relationship between the soil, plants, animals, and the people who guard each space with the goal to make visible the work of the farmers and artisans, under a fair market model that permits them to grow and have access to a dignified life, where there is a direct exchange between producer families from different provinces of the country and the consumer families. The doors of our house are open starting the 9th of February of 2021, taking place in an architecture that safeguards the magic of the Historic Center of the city. It is divided into three spaces where they sell fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products; processed foods such as jams, sauces, condiments, handmade chocolate, and wines; handicrafts such as straw hats, clothing, decorative items, and natural cosmetics that come from different parts of the country. Inside our last patio, there is a cozy garden where you can relax and taste some of our delicious products such as a cheese table, a cup of wine, a coffee, or some snack from our menu. Visiting our house is, without a doubt, a must for those who visit or live in Cuenca, since it is the perfect opportunity to have a moment of relaxation and also support fair trade in the region by purchasing high-quality products.

Address: Benigno Malo 5-16 y Calle Larga, Cuenca.

096 832 4006

Elizabeth Molina

Sneaky Goat and Co

We offer different types of specialty coffee from Ecuador. All of them have different processes, and roasting profiles according to the flavor profile that we are looking for. All of our coffee variety have more than 84 points out of 100 according to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). We offer bags of different weights: 1 kilo 450 grams 300 grams We also serve coffee by delivery or in our cafeteria, our baristas prepare all types of drinks hot or cold. Additionally we offer: Bagel sandwiches, waffles. salty or sweet croissants, sandwiches, carrot cake, chocolate cake.

Address: Calle Larga 4-100 y Mariano Cueva, Cuenca.

+593 96 316 8994

Fausto Zapatta

Empanadas Argentinas

Delicious homemade Argentine empanadas in the oven, with meat, ham and cheese and caprese. Home delivery.

Monday to Friday from 3 to 10 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM and from 5 to 9 PM, Cuenca

Rafaela: rafa9663@yahoo.com.ar (Please don’t leave a space after the Email address) 099 885 0934

Cuenca Muesli: Super granola and energy bars made in Cuenca

We are a start-up company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of food derived from muesli, such as Granola (baked muesli), energy bars, cupcakes and bread.

At Cuenca Muesli we are making high quality crafted products to please the expat community, naturists, vegans or people with special diets.

Energy Bars (80 gr or 0,17 pounds)

Energy Bar with 12 ingredients: $1
Energy Bar with 12 ingredients + Blueberry: $1
Energy Bar with 12 ingredients + Red Fruits: $1
Energy Bar with 12 ingredients + Hemp: $1
Energy Bar with 12 ingredients + Chocolate: $1

You can always order your customized energy bar. We will be glad to serve you.

4 cupcakes bag: $1.50

With chocolate and candied orange
With Chocolate, peanuts and raisins
With Carrot and walnuts
With Blueberry, strawberry and hibiscus flower
With Pumpkin raisins
With vanilla and candied orange

You can always order customized cupcakes. We will be glad to serve you.

Artisan breads: $4 (around 1 pound)

Rice flour bread,
Sesame bread with flaxseed,
Carrot bread,
Zucchini bread,
Granola bread

You can always order customized breads. We will be glad to serve you.

Granola pack (200 gr or 0,66 pounds)

Super Granola with 12 ingredients: $2.50
Super Granola with 12 ingredients + Blueberry: $3.50
Super Granola with 12 ingredients + Red Fruits: $3.50
Super Granola with 12 ingredients + Hemp: $3.50
Super Granola with 12 ingredients + Chocolate: $3.50

You can always order your customized granola. We will be glad to serve you.

Delivery is $2 (inside Cuenca) – updated –

Thanks in advance for your support.



Gabriel Osorio
Marketing Cuenca-Muesli

Gabriel Osorio: 099 420 7251
Call after: 9 AM

City: Cuenca

– These are introductory prices – updated 26-1-2021 –

Venezuelan arepas

We do the best Venezuelan arepas in Cuenca. We work per order. You tell us what you want and we give it to you. Minimum Order: 10 arepas

and much more

Address: Calle Mariscal Lamar and Miguel Heredia, Cuenca.

Gustavo: 097 875 6849.

Gourmetcito – Online food service

We have created for you the very thing we were missing – an online store to get a wide variety of food to fill up our refrigerator and freezer of “at-your-fingertips” goodies. Our website, http://www.gourmetcito.com, offers a variety of ready-to-heat and also ready-to-eat foods using high quality products and turning them into fabulous, tasty treats — and you never have to leave your living room to get it all. We know you’ll appreciate our commitment to service, quality, pricing and the unmatched convenience of scrumptious food delivered to your door. Our goal is that you think of us first, fill your shopping needs via our website and then pick up a few other things at your local grocery or mercado when you want to take the time. Shop Gourmetcito.com and spend less time, effort, and money. You won’t have to haul it home clean it, prepare it, cook it and clean up the mess! Plus, our quality is superb! We shop for as much organic produce, eggs and free range meats as we can find. We use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt (never fluoridated salt), we cook in stainless steel pots and pans (not aluminum). Our providers know we are value-driven so they bring us the best of what they offer at the best prices. They have agreed to give us pricing based on volume and we agree to pass those savings onto you. So the more we all order, the better the prices will be! Gourmetcito.com – making life easier and tastier for less time, effort and money.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador, Cuenca.

Gina Anderson: info@gourmetcito.com 098 716 5474 http://www.gourmetcito.com

Deliveries, La Yunta

Deliveries, La Yunta is a new service offer from Restaurante La Yunta where you can order ready meals and sauces or raw products to be delivered to your house, free of charge,

Email us for more info about our products.

Address: Panamericana Sur KM7, Cuenca.

Jim Gould: layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 945 6551.

Mastranto Life and Food

We are pleased to offer the Best of the international and Venezuelan food. We have an interesting extensive menú, at lunchtime we present typical Venezuelan meals that includes vegetable soup, second dishes, desserts and juice for an incredible price. Direct service from owners.

Address: Juan Jaramillo 8 21 y Luis Cordero, Cuenca

Marco Acosta: 099 693 6252

Delivery food by Lalita

Meals to your home by Lalita. We offer to excellent costumers every day, delicious deserts: Tiramisu Cake with 3 milks, Apple pie, Carrot cake, Special desert of passion fruit, Dessert (like Flan) with Pineapple, Desert (like flan )with Strawberry, Cake with Maduro, And special dishes for Saturday and Sunday. Please send an email for more information. We cook your order 2 days in advance. The prices start at $6. Thank you very much,

Address: Mariscal Lamar, Cuenca

Lalita: hotelamericanocuenca@gmail.com

Cooking lessons, catering service and food delivery

Would you like to have an open house or a get together with some friends and not have to worry about cooking? We offer some traditional food service, Japanese and oriental fusion, Peruvian food, sushi, with the most complete of cooking and catering service. Get 4 or 5 friends and have some cooking classes learning how to prepare sushi, Andean food, Peruvian food, traditional food, ceviches, Japanese oriental fusion, get together with your friends, learn to cook and have some fun. Or just order some delicious food and enjoy it at your place. For more info you can contact me,

Luis Arias: lucho_roura@hotmail.com,  alex.barba84@hotmail.com    099 541 3377. Call after 8 AM.

Cuenca Bagels: Cuenca’s Original Microbagelry

We produce many types of bagels. Other than the usual plain, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, cinnamon raisin) we have artisanal bagels as well. These bagels have more than 10% of the additional ingredients added to the dough. These feature both Parmesan and Asiago cheese, with or without chili, black olive, chocolate chunk, chocolate with chili. Our bagels come in three sizes. Prebaked weights are at least 100 grams, 125 grams, or 150 grams. Try our bagels at Wind Horse Café, Chocolate de Palo and, Nucallacta. We always have a bonus with your order of a Baker’s Dozen or more. Watch out for imitators.

Address: Pdte Cordova 9 80 y Padre Aguirre Dept 2, Cuenca

Cuenca Bagels: cuencabagels@yahoo.com

Bagels in Cuenca

Best big apple bagels, New York Style Bagels and New York Pretzels We invite you to enjoy our products: beautiful big bagels with delicious flavors of garlic, onion, sesame, cinnamon and raisins, and our new product, fresh from our oven, big pretzels.

Address: 12 Octubre and Francisco Quevedo, Cuenca

Business contact information:

Marietha Rojas: bestbigapplebagels@hotmail.com

Carolina Smokehouse

We would love to welcome you to Bacon in Paradise. It’s a great place to be. Our amazing bacon is hand cured, aged and smoked over a 14-day period. Absolutely delicious. Sausage (hand ground and seasoned with herbs from our garden) is available in mild sage or nice and spicy. For your seasoning and salads we have bacon bits and pieces. We also carry a variety of international style bacons, including Canadian, Irish Rashers, Ham and Prosciutto, all vacuum packed and ready to eat for your convenience. For those of you missing ham we have a limited supply of boneless mini-country hams — so tender and moist. Carolina Smokehouse is your one-stop shop for everything smoky and delicious. Our meats are hand selected, hand cut and fresh every week. Don’t forget your Sauerkraut and Salsa when you stop by. For the best Sal Marina come by – cleaned and dried then hand ground, pure and fine. If you would like to order or have any questions, please call. We know that our products are the best you will ever have.

We are located inside Restaurant Trastevere. Carolina Smokehouse = Appalachian Goodness in the Andes. http://www.baconinparadise.com

Honorato Vasquez 6=26 y Hermano Miguel, Cuenca.

Sandra Kraft: tocinoec@gmail.com 097 907 0470.

Health food and natural products store

Coconut oil, sesame oil, cacao, chia, spirulina, kombucha, kefir, nut butters, epsom salts, vitamins, minerals, colloidal silver minerals, goji berry, brazil nuts, pine nuts and a lot of other healthy stuff. Address: Cuenca, Benigno Malo 12-27

Ken: tiendanectar@mail.com

LaDistribuzione, Food art for food lovers only

LaDistribuzione, Eatery and Goods is the reunion of culinary talents – made in Ecuador – making FoodArt and Fusion blends all together in a great big pantry. LaDistribuzione is an online store with delivery door to door, an Amazon type e-commerce style for natural and organic food art, specializing in gourmet salsas, sauces, antipasto, confitture, relishes ready to use, for chefs, gourmands and food lovers that love to re-create food specialties and savory dishes while cooking and displaying their talent in the kitchen.

LaDistribuzione is on Instagram, please follow @ladistribuzione. To know their philosophy and recipes as well as their 120 products to deliver, all made in Azuay, Ecuador. Opening soon in Cuenca their store and gift shop in Juan Jaramillo and Presidente Borrero as well as their -El Degustarium- comfort food restaurant in the same address.

Contact: despensa@ladistribuzione.ec

Lu Passini: Ladistribuzione@gmail.com

El Rincon events and parties

Everything for your special event or party: We rent and sell everything for your special occasion from tables, table cloths (different colors), chairs, chair covers, tents, balloons, piñatas, balloon towers, balloon arches, helium balloons and much, much more. We are bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. Look for us on facebook under El Rincon Eventos y Fiestas (party supplies – party center rental shop.)

Address: Cuenca, Paseo el Salado y Francisco Miranda

Business contact information: 281 3401 / 093 968 8443.

Veronica Heras: verito.heras@gmail.com

Saboress, Cuenca

Saboress – supplies pastry – dry fruits, spices. For professionals and culinary enthusiasts. We specialize in selling nuts, almonds, olive oil, cherries, olives, assorted cheeses and confectionery supplies like molds, spatulas, etc. Open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2:30 PM to 6 PM – Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM. We speak English.

Address: Cuenca, Luis Moreno Mora 6-39

Business contact information: saboress_cue@hotmail.com / Phone # 099 827 4556.

Sandra Cobos Mogrovejo: sandracobosmdet@hotmail.com

Sandwiches and fast food delivery

Are you at home and want to eat something delicious and cheap? We are the solution. 10 different types of sandwiches and also you can order French fries and any drink that you want: soda, beer, natural juice.Visit us at facebook: Pikadita Xpress Cuenca. Call and order at: 099 285 5733 – 404 8615.

Address: Cuenca, Manaos y Guatemala

Andrea Viana: andrea_13_8@hotmail.com