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Guayaquil car rental

All cars at the best price, in type or category: SUV, 4WD, 4×4, sedans, trucks, pickups, vans and buses.

Address: Frente al Aeropuerto, Av de las Americas y Simon Bolivar, Guayaquil

Business contact information:
+593 98 866 8077


2016 vehicle registration

Want to have your car or motorcycle registered for the year 2016, without dealing with any of the hassles of long lines and paperwork? For only $25, I will do all the car registration for you in only a few hours. Or if you prefer, you can come with me and learn all the process so you can do it on your own the next year. I already have some clients scheduled for this great deal. Don’t miss it. I have many happy clients that have given recommendations. Just ask me for them.

I also do all the paperwork for registering the car or motorcycle in your name if you just bought the vehicle. Email me for an estimate.

Mateo Salazar: mate.salazar@outlook.com 

Talo’s Rent- A- Car

Talo’s Is a car rental car company that offers safety and comfort when traveling with the most varied models at the best prices in the market with the best customer care. We Accept Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Reservations and Customer Services (07) 280 4871 or 099 821 3238.

Rates as follows :
1. Chevrolet Spark
Rates are monitored by km
⦁ Daily $35.00 Weekly 33.25 biweekly $31.50 Monthly 29.75 additional Km. 0.25
Unlimited rates
⦁ Daily $ 52.50 weekly $49.88 biweekly $47.25 monthly $44.63
2. Chevrolet Aveo
⦁ Daily $55.00 Weekly $52.21 biweekly $49.50 Monthly $46.75 additional Km. 0.45
Unlimited Rates
⦁ Daily $ 82.50 weekly $78.38 biweekly $74.25 monthly $70.13
3. Vitara pick up sport
⦁ Daily $65.00 Weekly $61.75 biweekly $58.50 Monthly $55.25 additional Km. 0.65
Unlimited Rates
⦁ Daily $97.50 Weekly $92.63 biweekly $87.75 Monthly $82.88
4. Chevrolet Grand Vitara
⦁ Daily $80.00 Weekly $76.50 biweekly $ 72.00 Monthly $68.50 additional km 0.85
Unlimited Rates
⦁ Daily $120.00 Weekly $114.25 biweekly $108.50 Monthly $102.75

Our prices include taxes and basic insurance.

Address: Cuenca, Elia Liut and Calle Vieja across from Supermaxi Miraflores. Edificio Torre Azul

Ing. Stalin Garate: talosrentacar@hotmail.com

Car rental

Cuenca Car Share. Have you ever wanted a car for a few days to explore Ecuador? How about for a day-trip to Paute for the barbeque on Sunday or for a trip to Giron to see the beautiful waterfalls? Have you considered how nice it would be to have a car for the week to drive up the coast? Cuenca has many private drivers that charge $10 an hour. What if you could “share” a car for less than what a driver would charge for 4 hours? Cuenca Car Share continues to grow. We have 6 cars in our fleet now, starting at only $31 a day/ $205 a week, plus $.10 a kilometer. It’s easy to get started. All you need to have is: Good driving history or an Ecuadorian driver’s license. If you need a license, we can help you get that, also.

Address: Cuenca, Las Gaviotos y Las Golandrinas

For more information, please contact, Juan Morales: cuencacarshare@gmail.com