Business for sale


I am selling a business in operation, Pizzeria Italiana and Cafeteria, in a mall in the north of the city of Guayaquil.

It is a fast-food restaurant, authentic Italian pizza, hamburgers, cafeteria, European pastry and natural juices.

It has 2 stores connected by a large kitchen. 2 floors and their own bathroom. 1st floor of 56 square meters and 2nd-20 square meters. The place is completely equipped for pizzas, barbecue, lunches, sweets, cakes, hamburgers, natural juices, coffee.

The business works for more than 2 years, has an excellent reputation and its usual customers. The work is completely fixed, from all products providers to trained workers and operating permits.

There is a sales option along with our recipes. We can educate you and your staff.


Guayaquil. North. Dawn

099 805 7279