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Cooperative JEP banking in English

My name is Karina Verdugo and I work as Financial Consultant and Customer Service representative at Cooperative JEP. I speak English and I may help with information and services related to accounts, investments, CDs, ATM Cards, Online Banking, etc. You may make all the process of opening accounts by yourself without a facilitator. Our Cooperative has more than 48 years in the financial market and it is the biggest Cooperative of Ecuador. If you need more information, I will be glad to help. I work in Sucre St. and General Torres St. in the second floor. You can contact me through phone or email.

Address: Sucre 10-56 y General Torres , Cuenca.

Karina Verdugo: averdugo@coopjep.fin.ec 099 816 6079

Tax and accounting services.

G & G Associates, Accounting and Tax advice.

We can help with all your paperwork in SRI, IESS, Labor Ministry, ARCSA, Superintendent of Companies and others in general.

We have many years of experience with highly qualified staff that can solve your paperwork in the shortest time possible.

And also, if you are about to start your own business, we can help you with all relevant permits and paperwork needed.

We are located a few steps from SRI branch of Totoracocha.

CPA. Ma. Isabel Guacho Fernandez.
Assessor. Diego Guerrero Romero.

Address: Hurtado de Mendoza 51-11 entre Rio Palora y Guapondelig, Cuenca.

Business contact information: gygasociados2016@gmail.com 093 967 8844

GyG Asociados


G&G, Accounting and Taxation Advisors and Consulting for Foreigners, for all your personal or business accounting needs. The owners, Jacqueline Guerrero R., CPA, and Juan R. Jorge, assessor, are very professional, thorough, friendly and speak English. Their office is located directly across Remegio Crespo from the main SRI office. G&G can help you: Create, and they will file, the necessary SRI reports for you or your business. You only need to give them your factura receipts. File ES reports for your business employees and create contracts with employees that work in your home, with business audits and HOA audits to help keep you and your business protected. With all translation services, obtaining visas, cedulas and signing up for IESS health coverage. Charges are affordable, depending if you need their services for a few hours, half a day or all day. G&G is located at Av. Remegio Crespo Toral 5-05 y Miguel Diaz.

Juan R Jorge: gygasesorestributarios@yahoo.com   095 876 4334 or 098 776 3540.