Architectural firm

We are a company dedicated to designing and building living spaces in search of a sustainable architecture and high aesthetic quality. Address: Calle Larga 6-13, Ofice 12, Cuenca Ismael Cardoso: 099 892 0093 /

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Chasqui Audio and video production

Audio Production Services records, mixes, edits, and copies sound materials, either in a studio or on-location. We also assist in the selection of music and sound effects as well as in the hiring of narrators.

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Entrepreneur Fair

Entrepreneurs offer their quality products, such as vegan food, delicious sweets, ornaments for the house and much

Canning jars?

Where can I find quart canning jars in Cuenca? Mark: . City: Cuenca


Recommendation for an average hair cutter (not fusssy)…can shave with a straight razor. Novia has a tough

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