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Astrology and tarot

My name is Georgina. I was born in Holland, but lived nearly 30 years in the US. I started reading cards at age 16 and have practiced astrology study since age 23. At age 19 I started my study in palmistry also and studied with many master teachers.

I also was a psycho-therapist during all these years and no problem is too big for me to resolve, being intuitive, sensitive and clairaudient.

I charge $60 an hour for a full astrology reading, which may include, but is not limited to: natal, relationship, health, career, solar return, transits, and progressions.

For a reading of the tarot I charge $45 an hour.

A combination reading, tarot- Astrology- Palmistry is $65 an hour.

I am also am a certified hypno-therapist and do past life regressions and spirit releasement for $45 an hour. Certificates/diplomas shown on request.

Address: Plaza San Francisco, Cuenca

georgin.nunez@yahoo.com   099 713 0349.

Astrology and Astrocartography readings

Hi, my name is Gabriel and I’m a Music Professorate student currently living in downtown Cuenca. I teach music and my main instrument is the Guitar, both classical and electric. I’m specialized in Tango, Jazz and South-American Folklore. My teaching program combines the right amount of musical theory (Reading and writing music, intervals, chords rhythm patterns, etc), exercises and any kind of songs you wish to learn. Rock, Blues, Ballads, Folk, Jazz, etc. Call me for availability and hourly rates. You can also see me playing live at Windhorse Café, Fridays around noon for a late breakfast or some lunch.

Gabriel Caballero: 098 090 9742. Call after 9 AM.