Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca begins the first season of 2020

The virtuoso Polish violinist Mijael Orlik is the guest for this week in which the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca begins the first 2020 season that will be marked by the new project, “Beethoven-Salgado Cycle” that takes place within the framework of the 250 years of the birth of Bonn’s genius and which also highlights the personality and work of whom Master Michael Meissner calls the Ecuadorian Beethoven: Luis Humberto Salgado.

We wait for you on Friday, January 17 at 8 PM in the church of Santo Domingo (Father Aguirre and Gran Colombia). Admission is free until capacity is filled.

Michael Orlik. (Poland, 2000). He graduated from Stanislaw Moniuszko Elementary Music School in Katowice in Renata Dziuba’s violin class and Karol Szymanowski Secondary State Music School in Katowice in Szymon Krzeszowiec’s violin class. Study at the Katowice Music Academy. He has performed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. Owner of an extraordinary sound and a virtuous career despite his young age, which has allowed him to be a winner in many violin competitions in Poland and other countries.

Beethoven Cycle – Salgado
for the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), is the most interpreted classical composer in the world and one of the most important representatives of European culture. His works are cultural heritage of humanity and have a growing global interest. Beyond the world of music, Beethoven is an example for creativity without limits, became inspiration and model for countless people in the world.

His work is visionary, represents an indomitable will towards a society in motion, to the rise to modernity, to humanism, to the freedom of the arts and social utopias. His work takes us directly to the central themes of the identity and future of our society.

Luis Humberto Salgado (1903-1977), “the Ecuadorian Beethoven”, coincides in several of the aspects mentioned with Beethoven, who was his idol as a composer. Salgado was also classic in the formal aspect of his symphonic and visionary works in Ecuador in the twentieth century, applying the most modern composition techniques to his works. Both wrote 9 symphonies and the same number of concerts, so we present these works together, these works being for the two composers, a central part of their extensive catalogs. This cycle of tributes will be the programming axis of the first season offered by the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca in 2020.

We hope that Beethoven and Salgado are also inspiration for you, along with the other works and guest artists that come to delight us. Welcome always.

Michael Meissner, titular director

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