Such a thing as a buyer/renter agent?

I’m having a hell of time with finding a house to rent via long distance. I’m coming back to Cuenca to look boots on the ground, but I’m going to have limited time (two weeks max). I know enough about neighborhoods, transportation, water heaters, leak issues with consistent rain, etc. to ask questions and make some decisions, but my Spanish is limited, especially as far as negotiating a contract. 

To be more time efficient, rather than trying to contact individual real estate “agents” (many who seem to have only one or two properties and seem very unmotivated) and since there is really nothing like MLS, has anyone ever used one of these “facilitators” to act as the renter/buyer’s agent to make the queries, translate, schedule showings, etc.? 

Moving short-term to search is not doable (with two dogs and a house full of furniture already in EC). 

Would love to hear experiences if any. Sorry about any confusion in the previous version of this post. 

R. Tanner


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