Stabbed during robbery attempt

A good friend was stabbed twice in the abdomen and was taken by ambulance to the ER where she received an ultrasound and x-rays to determine the extent of her injuries, then stitched up and went home in a taxi in her bloody clothes. When: 7:25 Friday morning and the only other person on the sidewalk. Where: Her taxi had just driven away and she was about to enter a building in Caspicara y Mariscal Lamar. How: Her attacker had a bicycle and stopped to ask her the name of the street and then for a dollar, adding that he was from Peru. As she removed her purse from a larger bag to get out a dollar, he grabbed at the purse. She instinctively held on so he stabbed her twice. If she had not been wearing two coats, her wounds would have been much deeper than 5 cm.

She screamed loudly several times, causing two women to look out their windows and start screaming at him. He dropped her purse and left the scene. We are hearing that my friend was his third victim in that vicinity and the police have done nothing so far. It is sad to say that all these reports of violent crime are on the increase, against men and women alike, and are no doubt due to the increased need, but no less scary and dangerous. If you are out alone and in a lonely place, please do not stop, not even for charity.


City: Cuenca

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