Spanish: Why you can’t seem to learn it and what to do about it

“Learning a foreign language as an adult is different than learning as a child.”

I think it’s safe to say you’ll agree with me on that one.

“Learning happens naturally for children, whereas adults have to study long and hard.”

This is typically the next thought that follows that previous statement. But this is where we’ve gotten things all wrong.

As adults, we tend to think that “learning” means stuffing your head in a book, writing for hours and repeating the same words over and over again meaninglessly, until it all clicks and you “supposedly” learn the language.

It’s not our fault, we were simply brought up this way.

But the times are changing and recent neuroscience studies have revealed that the adult brain is still very moldable all throughout life, depending on the input it receives.

In the last 5-10 years since brain scanning technology has become available, we’ve also discovered that a particular component must be present in the learning process, in order for new information to be processed and stored in the long-term memory…

This element is fun.

When the brain is engaged and interested in something, the hippocampus and amygdala areas are activated. These areas are responsible for learning and memory.

So, studying long and hard won’t quite cut it. It never has. Most of the time it just ends up tedious and boring. We’ve been doing it all wrong.

Through this discovery and my own experiences with learning Spanish as an adult (and failing miserably the first few times) I have created my 12-Week Spanish To Fluency Online Coaching Boot Camp Program.

It has been designed specifically to help expats living in or spending time in Latin America to learn to think in Spanish so that you can carry on everyday conversations with ease and confidence.

How does it work?

You interact directly with the language in fun, relevant (to your unique life and lifestyle) ways, through different forms of communication – stories, real conversations with native speakers, videos, music, news articles, etc.

You learn about how your brain is naturally designed to learn languages so that you can create a brain-friendly learning environment to ease the process and accelerate your results.

You receive live, personalized feedback on how to improve your speech and comprehension, grammar, etc.

We currently have 4 spots available to start the week of April 19th and April 26th.

Laurie went from a limited vocabulary which she struggled to access in real time, (not able to communicate more than basic phrases like, “Dónde está el baño?”… to being able to recall words on the fly without having to translate them from English. This significantly increased her fluency and comprehension which also improved her confidence.

Diane went from bored and confused… to having more in-depth, meaningful conversations that inspired her to continue learning and even look for a new job within which she can use her newfound Spanish conversational skills.

If you’re ready to stop dabbling around and finally take your conversational Spanish to the next level, book your free strategy session today to see if my program could be a good fit for you.

You can book your free call by visiting our website: and selecting the Book a Free Strategy Session option or contact me directly at

Canoa, Ecuador


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