Sourdough bread and vegan chocolate

We baked the delicious organic breads again (no sugar, no fat, no animal products and no commercial yeasts). They are sourdough.

The mother mass is a live culture that produces wild bacteria such as lactobacillus; which breaks the gluten protein and transforms it into simpler proteins. In addition, fermentation makes a type of starch pre-digestion which reduces the glucose content in the final product.

• Who can consume our bread?

Thanks to this series of ancient and traditional processes it is possible that everyone can consume our bread. – Our production stands out for not having sugars, no fats, no animal derivatives and we do not use commercial yeasts in any of our products.

This is why it becomes ideal for people with diabetes or other conditions…

Breads available:

* Large classic bread: $5

* whole grain bread: nuts, amaranth, chia, flaxseed, wheat germ and wheat bran. $6

* whole wheat bread: flaxseed, germ and wheat bran, oats. $5

* Rye Bread: white and rye flour with caraway seeds. $5

We also have Artisan chocolate for diabetics and vegans. Contains coconut milk and stevia. and if you like we also make sour chocolate bread (you must ask 2 days in advance) this bread is made with the same vegan chocolate (suitable for diabetics). That should be part of our diet.

•Price for bread with chocolate (vegan, for diabetics, gluten free) $12.

•Price per vegan chocolate bar suitable for diabetics $7

October, Cuenca

Betsy: 098 413 3383

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