Shamanic Healings

Dear family, we lovingly share this space to support, guide and sustain the healing processes that we have as humans on this earth.

We provide this safe and loving space to be able to release, forgive, thank and transcend the energy from light and love.

We thank God for the gifts received and we put them at the service of the family for these times.

We have several tools at the service that can be very useful, depending what the person need; like energetic healings, tarot readings, warrior plantings, purification baths, massages, sweat lodges and others.

May this time honesty in our processes be our greatest strength.

For more information or to schedule an appointment you can contact us

Sector El Descanso, vía a Paute

Antay Phuru
098 640 2208
La Pacha, Casa de Saberes
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