Seeking expats practicing FLCCC MATH+ preventive protocol

I realize this is a long-shot request. I have been following the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) prophylactic protocol for nearly a year. Here in Ecuador, I could only acquire locally or import the supplements recommended in the protocol. Originally known as MATH+, it’s now called I-MASK+, which adds a prophylactic dosage schedule of Ivermectin.

Now that a Cochrane-level meta-analysis of the efficacy of ivermectin was published recently, my question is: has anyone seen credible sources stating the brand sold here, Ivermin, will return to being a non-prescription medication? Earlier this year, there was a run on the pharmacies for Ivermin, prompting a government lockdown of its sales to prescription only, along with a very draconian enforcement.

I’m assuming once the Northern Hemisphere countries get their head out of their a** and approve Ivermectin as a repurposed drug for this off-label use for prevention through severe case treatment, the South quickly will follow suit. Barring Lasso going full Duterte, I’d prefer to reach the other side of this pandemic not as an mRNA or adenovirus vacinee (personal choice, I’ve done the research, I am not an anti-vaxxer). I am worried about the VoCs (variants of concern) so would like to start Ivermin as soon as it returns to being over-the-counter again like prophylactic Pazidol always has been for treatment of parasites. I’ve started reading El Mercurio and El Universo more often, but if you know of a better source other than waiting for this government page to update: , please add it in the comments.

Sharon McAdams

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